10 Of Our Favorite Gina Linetti Moments

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is great stuff. We have wholesome comedy, fantastic representation, and the icon that is Gina Linetti, all wrapped up into a neat package that we get to watch unfold every week on TV. Thankfully, when the show was about to be mercilessly canceled, NBC saw the huge mistake that would be and picked it up for another season.

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It's not impossible to imagine a world without Jake Peralta and his crazy, heart-warming team of detectives. But it would undoubtedly be a much sadder world. One of the greatest things to come out of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was nonchalant, narcissistic, and all-around queen Gina Linetti. She was a fantastic source of inspiration, and every time this woman was on screen, she gave us a valuable lesson on how to live our best lives.

Although we had to bid her goodbye, there are still dozens, if not hundreds, of Gina Linetti moments to choose from. Arguably, all of the scenes she was in are worthy of being deemed iconic, but for the time being, let's settle for 10 of our favorite Gina Linetti moments!

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10 Who Raised You?

This gem is brought to us on the fourth episode of season 3. Gina and Jake's friendship is a weird one, but it's filled with wholesome well as some Gina-like blows. This one had fans rolling around in laughter because it was so unexpected, yet so hilarious.

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Gina is an independent woman, and she's not here for you not paying your own bills! Jake being Jake he probably did forget to pick up his tab, or maybe this was just a cute way to try and get out of it. The kiss doesn't move our girl Gina though. Who raised you, Peralta? Take a page from the Lannister book and pay your debts!

9 The 100 Emoji, Thank You Very Much

Here's a life pro tip just for you: if you're ever feeling down, try as hard as you can to channel your inner Gina Linetti. She might be just a common mortal with a slight propensity to narcissism, but the woman loves herself. She knows exactly how much she's worth, and we all need to remind ourselves of this every now and then.

This is one of many iconic moments where Gina introduces herself as the "human form of the 100 emoji." That's quite the statement - a hilarious, yet powerful one. So now you know - did you wake today feeling more like the poo emoji? Take a deep breath and remember what Gina Linetti would do.

8 Step Aside, Britney

Homegirl is willing to go a long way in order to prove herself. Not to anyone else—this is Gina we're talking about—but to herself. Or at least to try and keep living in her fantasy, where she just so happens to be worthy of winning all the seasons of both So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars. Is she? No, not really. But we don't mind because she's Gina.

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On yet another hilarious moment where Gina caters to her fantasy, she lets us know she would gladly spend 5k in backstage passes in order to meet Britney Spears and ask her if she honestly thinks she's a better dancer than Gina. The question would probably be rhetorical and she would leave the dressing room feeling victorious—and leaving a very confused Britney behind.

7 I Met God

Trust Gina to make something like the afterlife sound funny. For those who believe, you surely wondered more than once what God looks like. Although Ariana tried hard to make us believe God is a human, our other queen has a slightly different input to offer—apparently, God is ethnically ambiguous.

It's always a delight to see how such a light-hearted show deals with topics that might generate some sort of controversy, and this one did not disappoint, as per usual. It's a great way to put it, and there's no one better to deliver a line like this than Gina. Propos to Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

6 I'm Dead, Now What?

Let's be real here: who among us never wondered how people would react when we are no longer a part of this world? We all did it, whether or not we want to admit it. Gina, as usual, decided to go the extra mile with it—no remorse whatsoever, because, well, why?—and gave us yet another hilarious moment.

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It goes something like this: Gina asks Jake to call different people and tell them she died to gauge their reactions. "Is she crying?" she asks Jake. "A little." Of course, Gina being who she is, is not happy and insults the person on the other line...who just so happens to be her grandma. "Now call my other grandma," she demands. Stone cold, but hey—decisions!

5 Giving Up Is For Winners

Gina Linetti is so unapologetically herself, she doesn't even care about admitting failure if that means she gets to live her best life on her own terms. Take this hilarious moment as yet another precious life lesson from Gina: it's okay to fail, we're all just human. She doesn't put it quite like that, but the message is definitely there.

It all came about when she agreed to do a crazy, restrictive diet with Terry and Amy. At the beginning of it, she screams for the whole world to hear that she's going to last forever. Forever! Turns out, less than fifteen minutes later she's chugging a meat-packed, sauce dripping sandwich. More power to her!

4 Vote Gina Linetti!

Politics can be a circus. This is valid for a number of instances in history, both past and present. Of course, Brooklyn Nine-Nine would take a turn in making fun of the entire field in a way that only the show knows how. And the best part? They choose Gina to do it because let's face it: the girl has some nerve.

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She knows she's going to be a great politician. Why? Because her hair is flawless and lying is pretty much a hobby for her. She's not one hundred percent wrong...and it's pretty darn funny. Whatever your feelings towards politics are, there's no denying this was a hilarious moment. And for the record, we would definitely vote Gina Linetti!

3 Hands Up, I'm A Cop

With Gina being such an integral part of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine family, it's completely forgivable if you sometimes just so happen to forget she's not actually a cop. It's not quite as forgivable when Gina herself forgets, though—but it does make for some absolute comedy gold, so it's all good.

When Gina asks Terry to go undercover because she's a "gossip surgeon" (great credentials, by the way) who can "get anything out of anyone," he promptly states he can't do it because she's not a cop. "How am I not a cop? Because I don't have a badge? Being a cop is a state of mind." Bam! We're not sure the academy would agree, but that was a real mic drop right there.

2 Pay Attention, Australia

Working the night shift isn't anyone's idea of a good time. It certainly wasn't for the Brooklyn Nine-Nine team because, well, it sucks. You don't see the light of day, your sleeping schedules are all messed up, and you slowly start to forget what it feels like to be a fully normal working human being.

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But not Gina Linetti! Not today! If there's anyone who will see the bright side of things, it's this girl. In this case, the best part about working at night is that she's up the same time as our good fellas in Australia. Gina did all the conquering she could possibly do in the United States—it's about time she shoots her shot at the other side of the world.

1 Blink, And I'm Gone

Even though she's gone, Gina will never truly be gone. Her spirit is such a phenomenal force, it will forever remain in the hearts of both fans, and the Brooklyn Nine-Nine family. Gina's exit, of course, would never be anything short of iconic, sassy, and—you guessed it—hilarious.

While this wasn't the last time we saw Gina on the screen (the woman took her sweet time to finally leave, but we still cried when she finally did), it was definitely one of the best in the history of exits from anywhere. You already know she isn't just like anyone, and this moment stayed true to her nature. She blasted "I Will Remember You" ...and crawled out of the precinct. Fast. Because she's Gina. And she can. Thank you so much for everything, icon!

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