Gilmore Girls: 5 Things Wrong With Luke & Lorelai’s Relationship (& 5 We Envied)

Gilmore Girls ran from 2000 to 2007, and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life dropped on Netflix in 2016. This series focuses on Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, Rory Gilmore, as they deal with love, loss, and life. That being said, a big part of the series is romance, and one of the most notable romances exists between Lorelai and Luke Danes. 

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Are they meant to be? Did they take too long to get together? Will it last? From the go-to coffee guy to her husband, Luke's role changed on the series and he's who Lorelai eventually ended up with. Here are five reasons we envy the relationship, as well as five things that are wrong with this relationship. 

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10 Wrong: Competitors

Let’s just get this talking point out of the way: there were competitors in the love department, and Luke could have easily ended up with Anna, Rachel, Nicole or someone else. And Lorelai could have easily ended up with Max, Christopher, Alex, Jason or someone else.

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Those who aren't on #TeamLuke surely have their favorite picks, and there are some issues with Luke and Lorelai’s relationship (just keep reading to recall some of the big ones). So, one could say that the main thing wrong with this relationship is that they ended up with the wrong person.

9 Envy: The Love And Support 

Whether these two had ended up together or not, their love and support for one another is very evident. They have a great friendship that was built in the quaint and caring community that they live in, and they also truly like one another.

There were so many times when they dropped everything to help the other paint, find a chick, shop, replenish with caffeine or get to the hospital (like Luke did in Season one after Richard collapsed). Relationships like these are hard to find, and they're always lucky to have each other. 

8 Wrong: Lack Of Communication 

Communication is key in any healthy relationship, and these two don't always have it down. Lorelai is a hyperactive person, while Luke is reserved and a bit gruff, so the wires got crossed a lot. For instance, Luke didn’t tell Lorelai when he moved in with Nicole or that he had a daughter, and Lorelai, twice, put off officially tying the knot with Luke.

It can sometimes be hard to tell people how we really feel and what we're really thinking, but it seems like these two would have learned!

7 Envy: The Grand Gestures 

Besides just normal love and support, there were some over-and-beyond gestures, as well, that made fans swoon. Remember when Luke built Lorelai a chuppah? Remember when he gave her $30,000 for the inn? Remember when he made her an ice-skating rink? Remember when he wanted to buy her the Twickham house?

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For being so reserved and gruff, he sure did know how to go big, in order to make Lorelai and Rory both happy.

6 Wrong: Jess

Now, there were many other people involved in Luke’s and Lorelai’s lives, and some of them caused issues… like Jess. He was the bad boy in town, and Lorelai didn't want Rory to be with him, especially after that car accident in Season 2, which she blamed Luke for and which caused a big fight between these two.

Fast forward, and Lorelai has warmed up to Jess, and many people are still hoping that he and Rory end up together. Would that be weird now, though, since Luke and Lorelai are married?

5 Envy: The Romance

Speaking of Luke and Lorelai being married… There has always been chemistry between the two of them, as both fans and Stars Hollow residents wondered if these two would ever really be and stay together. It made for great TV! And after they finally started dating, Luke even showed Lorelai a horoscope that she had given him when they first met.

There were definitely some ups and downs after that, but they really did it, and that romance is something that definitely drew in fans and caused some envy.

4 Wrong: Chris

Another guy that caused some issues between Luke and Lorelai is Chris. Lorelai and Chris grew up together then had a baby together, so they're always going to be in each other’s lives, and they always sort of thought that they could end up together.

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While everyone knows this didn't work and wasn't meant to be, that doesn’t mean it was smooth sailing. From Lorelai lying to Luke about Chris to Luke physically fighting Chris, there were certainly speed bumps (which are hopefully all resolved and stay that way).

3 Envy: The Story

Luke and Lorelai's relationship is one of the best love stories out there. In the first episode, viewers saw that Lorelai needed Luke for the best coffee around (and for so much more).

And certain moments, such as the time Lorelai wrote a character recommendation letter for Luke, reminded everyone how important these two were to each other and how they really do belong with each other, despite everything that has happened.

2 Wrong: Their Differences 

Of course, there are those who think they should not have ended up together, though, and who say the relationship doesn't make sense. See, all of the “wrong” things that have been listed out here today could be summed up in one word: differences.

Luke and Lorelai are very different people, and some fear that he is holding her back, which is something they discussed a couple of times. She's outgoing and impulsive, while he likes things to stay slow and steady, like always. Will these differences hurt their relationship going forward when it comes to, say, having kids or picking a place to retire? 

1 Envy: The Wedding 

Only time will tell for some of these things, but all that matters is that the world got what it deserved: a Luke and Lorelai wedding! In the reboot of this series, Lorelai went off to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, and while she was gone, it all became clear to her, so she rushed home, and they really did it.

And that wedding… that perfect, Lorelai-esque, Kirk-created, whimsical, romantic, Stars Hollow wedding, with just the closest loved ones around them. That was the most envy-inducing moment of perhaps this entire television show. 

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