Gilmore Girls: 10 Rory And Lorelai Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

It seems like the funny and witty Rory and Lorelai Gilmore were practically made for memes. The main characters of the TV drama Gilmore Girls, which aired for seven seasons from 2000 until 2007 plus a 2016 Netflix revival, are known for sharing everything with one another (including how much they adore a certain hot caffeinated beverage). Over the years, countless fans have put together memes with the best quotes from the series along with the wittiest mother/daughter moments.

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Let's take a trip down memory meme lane and look back on this amazing series. Here are 10 Rory and Lorelai memes that are too hilarious for words.

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10 Cake Is Very Important

Other than wondering how someone can drink so many cups of coffee every single day, many people have wondered about Lorelai Gilmore's diet. Fans know that the character definitely adores her junk food, including cake.

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This is a hilarious meme since Lorelai is embracing her love of the sweet dessert. Instead of simply saying that she loves cake or that she's craving it, which is what most people would do, she has a witty quip about it. Of course, Gilmore Girls fans wouldn't expect anything less from such a smart character. Eating a lot of cake is just one lesson that Lorelai has taught her daughter.

9 Sunday Is The Day Of Pre-Rest

Lorelai and Rory may be super similiar in many ways (like sharing clothes and a sweet tooth and the need to drink lots of coffee), but they have some key differences. For one thing, Rory is definitely an early riser and an "up and at 'em" type of girl. She likes to wake up at the crack of dawn, to-do list in hand, and get productive.

Lorelai, on the other hand, would rather sleep in and have a nice, leisurey start to the day. That's where this hilarious meme comes in. While Rory is trying to get her dear mother up and out of bed, Lorelai doesn't want to. Again, in Lorelai's true fashion, instead of simply saying that she's tired, she says "Saturday is the day of pre-rest" and explains that you have to be "rested" for Sunday. It's one of her best lines.

8 Home Sweet Home

This meme is so funny (and also something that many can relate to) since anyone who goes to college close to their family will often go home on the weekends to do laundry. The truth about doing your own laundry at school is that it's just not very fun.

Sure, it's not fun to do laundry in the comfort of your own home, either... but if you bring those dirty clothes home, there's always the chance that your mom will take pity on you and do it for you. (Everyone is secretly hoping for that scenario). Lorelai is making the joke that she's got the best daughter ever since Rory actually wants to hang out with her, not just get some clean clothes out of the deal.

7 Priorities

Over the course of seven seasons, Lorelai gives Rory a lot of adviec. (She doesn't so much in the Netflix revival since Rory is all grown up now... although, of course, she's making some questionable decisions.)

Some of that advice is outlined in this hilarious Rory and Lorelai meme, which explains that while Rory loves to study super hard and do well in school, Lorelai claims that looks matter more. Of course Lorelai is just kidding and she knows how important getting an education is and she's so proud of her intelligent daughter... but she's always going to go for the joke.

6 Just Some Dirt

It's tough to picture any TV character other than Lorelai Gilmore saying something like this, which makes this one of the best and most hilarious Gilmore Girls memes. Lorelai has a solid sense of humor and she really does say whatever comes to her mind, including this quip about dirt and the devil.

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Even though Rory is used to her funny mom who can't stop being clever, it's safe to say that she wasn't expecting her mom to go down this road in this particular scene.

5 Coffee, Please

The truth is that basically anything that Lorelai Gilmore says about coffee is hilarious, so any meme about this topic is going to be great. This one in particular is so funny since Lorelai is not only begging for the caffeinated beverage, but she's joking about "a shot of cynicism."

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Many people would probably want "a shot of optimism" since everyone could stand to be in a better mood from time to time... but this is what makes Lorelai so quirky.

4 The Right (And Wrong) Way To Kiss

Every Gilmore Girls fan knows how funny it was when Rory and Dean kissed for the first time and she freaked out and thanked him. It was a classic Rory move since she's shy and nervous around boys (and in most social situations, too, since she's a bookworm).

This is another hilarious Rory and Lorelai meme that shows the funny and sweet nature of their mother/daughter relationship. Even though Rory is used to her silly mom by now, she does often wonder why she's not getting lectured or more straightforward advice. That's just not Lorelai's style.

3 Ponies

Kirk is a beloved character on the series, mostly because he's quirky and unique and you never quite know what he's going to say or do next.

In this hilarious meme, the mother/daughter duo are joking about Kirk wanting to go on a date with Lorelai. Rory and Lorelai do a bit of a switchero and Rory is the one being funny and witty, quipping about how her mom should put on a dress with ponies on it. It's such a great meme (and such a great moment) since Rory is usually a bit more shy and quiet.

2 The Coolest Mom Around

When a meme combines Gilmore Girls and Mean Girls, it's a good one. In one of the most classic movie moments ever, Regina George's mom (played by Amy Poehler) proclaims how chill she is, and this is one of the most quoted lines of dialogue.

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It's pretty hilarious to imagine Lorelai Gilmore saying this. If anyone is the coolest TV mom, it's her, and she gets a lot of praise for the way that she raises her daughter.

1 It's Definitely Too Late

This is a sweet moment between Rory, Lorelai, and the adorable/grumpy diner own Luke Danes. What makes it so funny is that while Luke is worried that Rory is growing up to be too similiar to her coffee addicted mother, Rory knows that this has already happened.

When Rory says "too late" she's making a joke about being just as much of a coffee obsessive as Lorelai, but it's also a heartwarming line of dialogue. This is where Gilmore Girls excels: even when fans can't stop laughing while watching an episode, they're also getting super emotional.

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