Netflix Closing Deal For Gilmore Girls Revival Season

Gilmore Girls Netflix Return Series

It's the news that fans of Amy Sherman-Palladino, Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham have been waiting to hear, but probably thought they never would: Gilmore Girls is coming back. After the series creator parted ways with the show (and Warner Bros.) for the show's final season, the mind that spawned the fan-favorite series will now get the chance to conclude the story as originally intended.

According to multiple sources, a deal is being made between Warner Bros. and Netflix for a four-episode run (of 90 minutes each). Official word has yet to arrive, but the show's stars are hoped to return, with Sherman-Palladino finally set to end the series with the mysterious "four words" she always intended to.

The news comes courtesy of THR and TVLine among others, with sources claiming that Gilmore Girls' success on Netflix's platform has urged the company to make fan dreams come true. All the sources agree that the project is far from a done deal, with the stars yet to sign on. Even so, it's hard to imagine that the show's core cast wouldn't return to set the decade-long story to rest the way its creator wished (even if Melissa McCarthy may have to reschedule her coming slate).

For Sherman-Palladino, closing a deal could be more difficult. The creator's departure from the show in 2006 (along with her husband and executive producer Daniel Palladino) wasn't exactly ugly, but left any extension in serious jeopardy. Considering that the show's final season left a lot to be desired for its devoted fans, that has remained a sour note on the end of an otherwise acclaimed - and arguably, ahead-of-its-time - story.

With the recent rush of TV shows being resurrected to capitalize on viewer nostalgia (and perhaps networks looking for a safe bet), ranging from Full House to The X-Files, talk of a Gilmore Girls revival has been taking place for some time. Just months ago, Sherman-Palladino explained that it wasn't out of the question, but wasn't something she was currently working to make a reality:

“There’s nothing in-the-works at the moment. Here’s the good thing: Nobody here hates each other. It would have to be the right everything — the right format, the right timing. It would have to be honored in a certain way. If it ever came around, I think we would all jump in and do it. If it ever happened, I promise we’ll do it correctly.”

Given the hands-off and creator-focused reputation that Netflix has garnered - especially where shows previously canceled by other networks are concerned - that may be just the format and partner Sherman-Palladino was waiting for. It's hard to imagine that Netflix would prefer four mini-movies as opposed to a multi-episode season, but until official word arrives, all fans have is speculation.

We'll keep you updated on more Gilmore Girls updates as they come, so stay tuned. For now, what do you think of the change in format? Should Rory and Lorelai get more than just one revival series? Sound off in the comments!

Source: THR, TVLine

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