Gilmore Girls: 5 Outfits That Are Totally 2000s (& 5 That Work Today)

On Gilmore Girls, Lorelai and Rory were a fast-talking mother-daughter duo with fun wardrobes. Some looks are timeless, others are stuck in the 2000s.

Amy Sherman-Palladino's Gilmore Girls was a hit TV series on the air from 2000 to 2007, and it even got a Netflix revival in 2016. The story of this television series focuses on a mother and a daughter, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.

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These two talk fast. They drink lots of coffee. They are always throwing out pop culture references. They love junk food. And they have had some very memorable outfits over the years. Down below, we will go over five looks that should definitely stay put in the 2000s, as well as five exciting numbers that could work here and now, in the year 2019.

10 Totally 2000s: This Patriotic Ensemble

Lorelai loved a good bandana moment, and hair accessories could really amp up an outfit. But when she combine a red bandana with this red, white and blue shirt, it was a bit much. 

Remember those Americana tees from Old Navy? And how our parents would make us get matching ones with our siblings? That is the vibe we are getting right now. We appreciate this woman’s eclectic style and admire how she was not afraid to be bold with everything including fashion, but she could do with some editing at times. 

9 Works Today: The Dance Marathon Dresses

An iconic episode of this show was the dance marathon, when Rory and Lorelai wore these retro dresses. It is so cool that items that were actually worn decades ago can still be trendy and appropriate in the 2000s and today.

Whether these were from a thrift shop, a new store or Lorelai’s sewing machine, they were winners. The white polka dots on Rory’s red dress, the pretty neckline on Lorelai’s darker one…all so good. Plus, the vintage hairdos seen here just add to the adorableness of these looks.

8 Totally 2000s: Whatever This Is

Another time a head accessory went wrong. Terribly wrong. Nothing is worse than the bucket hat. These were in style, we suppose, but they never looked flattering on anyone, even the gorgeous Lorelai. Then, there is the pink dress with the lacy V-neckline — which were everywhere back then — and the psychedelic print, which is much too busy. Really, all of it, from head to toe, looks like a bottle of Pepto Bismol exploded. All we can say is that this is so clearly a 2000s outfit. 

7 Works Today: Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a staple piece that has been around forever, that can be worn by men or women. It works for every age group, can be dressed up or down and it will never go out of style. All that to say, this was a good moment for Lorelai.

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She kept it simple, with what appears to be a white spaghetti strap top (or possibly tank top or T-shirt) underneath it. She didn’t even add a crazy hat or a big necklace or rhinestones, which is sort of shocking.

6 Totally 2000s: These College Looks

Graphic tees are seen today, sure, but they were huge during this decade, as seen here, when mom and daughter are both sporting them while at Harvard. But the thing that has put on the bad list is Rory’s jacket around her waist and the overall effect we are getting from both of them.

Were there outfits on this show that were less fashionable? Yes. Is this the most 2000’s thing ever? No. Yet here it is, as something we want to stay back in time. 

5 Works Today: The Chunky Sweater

Rory was seen in her Chilton school uniform quite often, but some of her best moments involved sweaters. In particular, there was this chunky knit one she wore while at Lane’s. 

It looks so cozy. It has great detailing. It has super long sleeves that she has rolled and pushed up. It could even be worn as a dress by some people. So cute and so appropriate for the cold weather that Stars Hollow had.

4 Totally 2000s: Shrunken Sweater

One of Lorelai’s most signature looks was the wrap dress, and several of those would still be pretty today. However, many times she wore a shrunken sweater or cardigan over them, like the one pictured right here.

This was really trendy back in the day — for some reason. Short denim jackets, tiny cardis, outer layers that skimmed the upper rib cage… It may have worked then, but it is something that is not cool today, and we can totally see why.

3 Works Today: Lorelai’s Coats

As mentioned, it could get very cold in Stars Hollow, so many winter looks were seen, and some of Lorelai’s coats were beyond amazing. Just look at this pink one — the color is great, the big gold buttons are adorable, the cut is flattering, and the fact that she paired it with a simple white button-down shirt makes it classy and fitting for her profession. 

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Yes, a signature coat is a good thing to own, and this character owned several that we would so wear today.

2 Totally 2000s: Rory’s Blue Dress

Rory was not super into fashion, but, as seen up above, she did have some cute outfits. Despite that, several of her formal ensembles were misses, such as this blue dress. 

It is not beyond bad, but there is something about it that is very 2000s. In fact, it kind of gives off Limited Too vibes, which was cool for the young fans who shopped there … but not something that would look trendy in 2019. 

1 Works Today: This LBD

Lorelai’s denim jacket, her winter coat and her basic layers are classic pieces that never go out of style. That trend continues with this final fab outfit: a little black dress. She could wear anything and still be stunning, but there is such a simple elegance here. Plus, this is one of those things that could be worn to a really swanky event (like one thrown by her parents) or that could be paired with sneakers and, say, her denim jacket for a more casual and cool vibe. 

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