Gilmore Girls: 10 Storylines Netflix Could Run With

In 2016, Netflix brought back one of TV's absolute favorite mother-daughter pairs when they created Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. The four-part miniseries took place almost a decade after the official end of the Gilmore Girls run on TV, and fans were excited to revisit their favorite characters. However, not everyone was pleased with how the revival ended. Several story arcs, said fans, ended up being unresolved. That said, some fans took solace in the rumors of yet another return to Stars Hollow.

In the past two years since the revival debuted, several creative forces behind the show have suggested they'd be down to return. That's why we've watched the revival yet again and wrote up 10 storylines Netflix could continue to use.

10. Kids For Luke And Lorelai

Lorelai Gilmore Luke Danes and Rory Gilmore in Gilmore Girls


In the first episode of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, we see Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore go to a fertility clinic run by none other than Paris Geller. The episode ends without the pair ultimately pursuing having a kid, but that's not to say that the issue won't come back up again. Even if the two make a final decision that they don't want any more children, one or both of them might come to regret it later. And if that's the case, how would it affect the characters' approach the changing the Gilmore family dynamic? (More on that later.) This is a topic that follows a lot of consistent themes throughout the history of Gilmore Girls, and if Netflix does revive the series, it's bound to at least come up.

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9. Where's Sookie been?

Melissa McCarthy as Sookie St James in Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life

Fans were left a little disappointed with the revival when it came to Sookie St. James. After all, Melissa McCarthy had announced she'd be returning to the show, which made it seem as though she'd have a larger role. Of course, this wasn't the case. Sookie only briefly showed up during the Netflix series, which had a lot of fans asking, "Where is she?". Well, the truth is that she was probably out Ghostbusting or Sean Spicer-ing. But in the context of the show, where was the Dragonfly Inn's favorite chef? This could be an interesting thing to explore in a possible return, but it does hinge on a lot of maybes. Whether or not Melissa McCarthy would head back to Stars Hollow is obviously the biggest one.

8.Lorelai The Wild

Billy Burke and Lauren Graham in Gilmore Girls

Another plotline that drops on the show is Lorelai's (could-have-been) backpacking adventure. Inspired by the journey of self-discovery in Wild, Lorelai, at one point, decides to go on a long hike to deal with her father's death. However, this doesn't end up going anywhere. Lorelai heads back home before actually hiking. But in another season, it would be interesting to see her go on some kind of self-discovering journey. Even if it's not hiking through some North Eastern mountain range, it would be a cool story to follow. We just hope that wherever she goes, she brings someone along to banter.

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7. Who Wrote The Letter?

Gilmore Girls Lorelai and Emily

Gilmore Girls isn't known for its mysteries, but the revival brought up one that got fans talking. During one of their therapy sessions, Lorelai and Emily begin to talk about an especially impactful letter Lorelai wrote to Emily. The only problem was... Lorelai didn't write one. So why does Emily so vividly remember a letter from Lorelai? Why did it affect her so much that she would bring it up in therapy decades later? Could it be a case of mistaken identity, or even stranger, a forgery? Either way, this is the most mystery show-esque plot point we've seen in Gilmore Girls, which is kind of funny. Who knows, maybe the letter was from the Black Hood.

6. What Happens With Emily?

Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life Emily Kelly Bishop

When we returned to Stars Hollow for the revival, all the characters had changed in some way. This was probably most true for Emily Gilmore. Her husband had died, and with him, all of her previous life. However, Emily bounced back like we knew she would. She sold her home, quit her social club, and moved to a different state. For the first time in her life, she was wasn't responsible for anyone. This is a plot we wouldn't mind see develop. What does the new Emily do with her time? With whom does she spend it? Emily Gilmore has always been a fan favorite, and following the newest chapter in her life would be a smart move for Netflix to make.

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5. What Happens With Rory's Book?

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore have gotten into fights before, but maybe not one as unexplainable as the book debacle. When Rory suggests that she’s writing a book based on their lives together, Lorelai snaps at her, leading to a massive blowout between the best pals. If Netflix would return to this plot, it would be intriguing to find out just why Lorelai was so opposed at first. By the end of the revival, Lorelai comes around to the idea, so it would be cool to see how the book fares. Does it get famous and, if so, how does it change Rory’s life? Any of these questions could make for great drama in a follow-up series.

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4. Do Paris And Doyle Finalize Their Divorce?

Hooking Up Paris And Doyle

Paris and Doyle are the Angela and Dwight of Gilmore Girls. They’re very weird and usually uncomfortable, but for some reason, you find yourself hoping they make it. Well, according to the revival, they don’t. However, we still don’t really see the end of their relationship. Do they go through with their divorce and, if so, how does that affect their kids? We assume that if the kids make it into a sequel series, the two characters will be intertwined no matter what their marital status is. Could Gilmore’s weirdest couple become the new Lorelai and Christopher?

Well, no. But it would be cool to see their relationship progress anyway.

3. Luke & Lorelai: The Married Life

Lorelai Gilmore in her wedding dress in Gilmore Girls

After six seasons of fans wishing it would happen, then one season of it almost happening, then nine years of it pointedly not happening, Luke & Lorelai finally got married. Out of everything that happens in the revival, this has to be one of the biggest changes for two major Gilmore characters. With this change comes a whole new set of challenges and celebrations, good times and bad. How will it affect Lorelai’s free spirit? How will it affect Luke’s stubbornness and self-reliance? This is something we Gilmore fans have waited to see for over 15 years, and if Netflix has any idea what they’re doing, they would make it central to another chapter of the series revival.

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2. What happens To Logan And His Fiancé?

Alexis Bledel and Matt Czuchry as Rory Gilmore and Logan Huntzberger in Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life

Logan Huntzberger is Rory’s best boyfriend — that’s just a fact. But by “best,” we don’t necessarily mean “does the right thing.” Logan cheats on his fiancé with Rory in the revival, but things grind to a halt when Logan’s fiancé moves in with him. So what does this mean for Rory and Logan? Or, more likely, what does this mean for Logan and his fiance? Because if Rory decides that she really wants to get back together with him, it’s a pretty safe bet to say his fiancé doesn’t stand much of a chance. Especially when he learns that...

1. Rory Is Pregnant

Alexis Bledel as Rory and Lauren Graham as Lorelai in Gilmore Girls

Okay, folks, you knew this was going to be number one. At the end of the revival, Rory tells her mother that she’s pregnant and the series abruptly ends. So what happens next?! We assume that it’s Logan’s baby but do we really know? The identity of the father aside, what will Rory do now that she’s about to be a mom? These are probably the most pressing questions on people’s minds after the series finale, and Gilmore fans kind of deserve to know the answers.

Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has stated that that’s how she definitively wanted to end the series, but that’s not necessarily a death knell. After all, Netflix will keep a series going as long as there’s a public interest in watching it. Let’s hope one exists long enough that we get at least a little bit of clarity.

Oh, and have we ever figured out how the heck Kirk has so many jobs?

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What Gilmore Girls stories do you want to see return in a possible chapter two of the revival? Do you think that return will happen or is A Year in the Life the end of the Gilmore story? Let us know in the comments section below!

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