Gilmore Girls: 10 Most Hated Supporting Characters

The mother/daughter duo Lorelai and Rory are the stars of Gilmore Girls, but there are many supporting characters that fans aren't that fond of.

Gilmore Girls is all about the main characters, mother/daughter duo Lorelai and Rory, who love movie nights with pizza and candy, drink coffee like it's going out of style, and help each other through good and bad times. But the funny and sweet TV show, which aired for seven seasons on The WB and then got a four-episode revival on Netflix, also has many supporting characters.

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The town that Lorelai and Rory live in, Stars Hollow, is picture perfect and features many quirky residents. And the mom and daughter also deal with a lot of people in their work and school life. Here are the 10 most hated supporting characters on Gilmore Girls.

10 Louise Grant

Louise Grant (Teal Redmann) is a pretty annoying character. While she's a spoiled rich girl who hangs out with Paris Gellar (Lisa Weil) and Madeline Lynn (Shelly Cole) and seems to want to make Rory's life miserable at first, she's ignored by her family and, therefore, insecure.

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Louise isn't that interesting and her life revolves around clothes, boys, and popularity. She's definitely one of the most hated supporting characters because when compared to Rory, she doesn't seem to know what's important in life.

9 Madeline Lynn

Madeline and Louise are a big part of the season one episode "Concert Interruptus." When Lorelai and Sookie take Rory, Paris, Madeline, and Louise to see The Bangles, it becomes a total disaster because Madeline and Louise go to a party with some random college guys they meet.

Madeline isn't much more compelling than her best friend, and it's tough to watch her and Louise act like they rule the school. It's clear that Rory should be the most popular girl at Chilton as she's smart and actually a kind person, but of course, that's not how high school works (on TV or in real life).

8 April Nardini

Vanessa Marano as April Nardini in Gilmore Girls

It's pretty crazy when Luke finds out that he has a daughter, and we get introduced to April Nardini (Vanessa Marano) in season six. Even though it's interesting to watch Luke realize that he's a dad and of course that creates a lot of drama, April is a character who is disliked by many fans.

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People find her stuck-up and a know-it-all, and while that was the point of the character, it doesn't always make for great TV.

7 Francine "Francie" Jarvis

Emily Bergl's Gilmore Girls character is the head of a sorority called The Puffs. Francie wakes Rory and Paris up in the middle of the night to recruit them, but everyone gets in trouble and Rory is thrilled since she knew that getting involved at Chilton wasn't really her thing.

Francie is a truly annoying character and definitely one of the most hated on the show. Like many of the students at Chilton, she is single-minded and only looking out for herself.

6 Sherry Tinsdale

Sherry Tinsdale (Mädchen Amick) is another hated supporting character on Gilmore Girls. She's Christopher's (David Sutcliffe) fiance and the mother of their daughter, Gigi. The problem with Sherry is that she's super Type A and verging on rude and pretentious.

Rory is never that comfortable around her, especially when she attends her baby shower in the season three episode "Take The Deviled Eggs..." The worst thing that Sherry ever does is when she leaves Christopher and Gigi behind and goes to Paris. What kind of mother does that?!

5 Kirk Gleason

Gilmore Girls Kirk Hay There

Kirk Gleason (Sean Gunn) is a pretty divisive character on Gilmore Girls. But while some people love him, others find him irritating, so he definitely belongs on this list of the most hated supporting characters on the show.

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It often seems like the show is trying too hard to make Kirk weird and unique, and he's always popping up in random scenes with a new business idea or making strange statements about living with his mom.

4 Taylor Doose

Taylor Doose (Michael Winters) is another hated supporting character on Gilmore Girls. Whether he's running Doose's Market or trying desperately to get everyone to listen to him during the Town Hall meeting, he's always sighing and in a bad mood.

Taylor thinks that he's the best person in Stars Hollow and that he's the only one who can do anything. His conceited personality and bad attitude can get pretty tiring to watch, especially since he's featured in so many episodes.

3 Liz Danes

Luke's sister Liz (Kathleen Wilhoite) has a lot of potential as a character. It's nice to see Luke with his family after it seemed like he was a loner for so long who only worked at his diner and didn't date or hang out with people. But Liz isn't the sister that he deserves. She's always whining, she doesn't seem like a grown-up, and she's more of a burden to her brother than anything else.

Luke tries his best, but it seems like he's always trying to bail Liz and her husband, T.J. (Michael DeLuise) out of trouble. She's meant to be fascinating and quirky, but it falls flat.

2 T.J.

Liz's husband T.J. works as a contractor but he doesn't actually know what he's doing, and just like Luke's sister, he seems like he hasn't grown up.

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Luke isn't a big fan of T.J. and didn't like him when they first met, either. Fans of the show are used to the strange characters that populate Stars Hollow, but would it be too much to ask for Luke's sister and brother-in-law to be a little more likable?

1 Rune

Rune is the cousin of Jackson Belleville (Jackson Douglas) and played by Max Perlich. Rune is one of the worst TV characters ever because he's rude, mean-spirited, and he can't stand Lorelai, which doesn't make any sense. Everyone loves Lorelai.

When Lorelai and Sookie go on a double date with Rune and Jackson in the first season episode called, well, "Double Date," it's a total disaster. If he was funny, then he would seem worth having on the show, but since he's just bitter, any scene that he's in is completely awkward.

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