10 Hysterical Gilmore Girls Logic Memes Only True Fans Understand

Ah, Gilmore Girls. How we miss you and your inane logic. Many fans enjoyed the humor and whimsical logic used throughout the series. And who can blame us? Most of the memes that came out of this series were direct quotes. And that makes complete sense – the quotes alone were perfect and didn’t need any alteration.

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Here are ten of our favorite Gilmore Girls memes/quotes, perfect for all the fans out there. It’s not the same as having the series back, but it’s a close second.

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10 Gimme!

We all joke about being addicted to coffee. But nobody is quite as addicted as the Gilmore Girls. At least, if their obsession is any indication on the matter. Here we see Lorelei’s obsession taken to new extremes; a willingness to take caffeine in any form. Granted, we’ve all had Monday’s like that.

Actually, many of us have likely had weeks where the caffeine intake is vital. So at least we understand and sympathize with Lorelei here. Though snorting it may be going just a touch far…

9 Make It Chocolate

Lorelei Gilmore can make even something as boring as getting organized sound like fun. Or maybe that’s the chocolate… Either way! Her quirky quotes have a way of infusing the normal and boring with something much more whimsical.

Though this is one of those instances that, without context, we really don’t know what sort of mission Lorelei is up to. So let’s take that as an excuse to apply it to everyday life. Sorting your desk, go for it! But don’t forget the chocolate. Going shopping? Chocolate!

8 Coffee, Please

Another coffee meme. We know. This isn’t likely to be the last one either. We’ve become addicted to coffee and caffeine, and no series has done a better job of showing how pervasive that addiction. Our Gilmore Girls are the embodiment of a dependency on caffeine. On the bright side, they make having a coffee addiction look good, so there’s that.

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What is slightly less typical is the demand for a shot of cynicism on the side. Most people don’t actually request something like that. It just happens naturally. But this is Lorelei we’re talking about, so everything is a bit wonky here. In a good way, of course.

7 Did You Do It Wrong?

When informing your mother about making out with a boy, you’re probably not expecting to hear concern about doing it wrong. You might be like Rory here, and expect some sort of lecture on the matter. Even though that expectation was clearly wrong (we have no idea where she got this idea).

Rory and Lorelei don’t have a typical mother/daughter relationship, and it’s conversations like this that really drive the point home. Many girls would love to have a mother ‘cool’ enough to talk about boys with, right up until they hit a confusing point like this one.

6 Coffee Or Oxygen?

You probably should have seen this coming. It’s another coffee meme! To be fair, the Gilmore Girls do drink an absurd amount of coffee. It likely fills their veins and their lungs. So joking like this is totally fair game.

And if you have a coffee habit to the point where people believe you drink it, then you totally deserve to be compared to a Gilmore Girl. Because odds are you are one. Or you’re channeling their spirit somehow.

5 Motorcycle

Parenting advice of the year, ladies and gentlemen. But seriously, Lorelei has a way of using absurd commentary to really add context to the situation. In this case, it may seem like she’s giving bad advice to her daughter. But really she’s found a way to communicate that doesn’t seem (quite) so harsh.

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Granted, she’s lucky to have a daughter like Rory. Some people would take this sort of ‘advice’ as permission. So there is that.

Overall, sarcasm and teasing may not be the best way to get your point across. But it sure is the most fun way to do it!

4 Mrs. Kim

Does Mrs. Kim approve of anything? Seriously? Because it certainly never seemed like she did. Okay, there were the rare occasions when she smiled, but let’s get real here; those moments were downright creepy, right?

We all know that one childhood friend that had super strict parents. And Mrs. Kim was quite the example of this parenting style. So we’re really not at all surprised that she ended up becoming a meme in her own right. We’re only surprised it took this long.

3 Do Not Buy Her A Puppy

But…everybody should have puppies! Except for maybe those that are allergic. We just don’t agree with Emily Gilmore’s logic here. Oh wait, were we supposed to focus on the first part of her statement? Whoops.

But seriously, Emily Gilmore’s personality resulted in some very out there quotes. She’s strict and demanding, but in different ways than Mrs. Kim. It probably doesn’t help that she’s associated with a snobbier society to boot.

But we are left wondering…what was the other side of this conversation? And how many times do you get to declare something such as this?

2 Wanted To Be Supportive

Ever have trouble deciding which option to go with? The Gilmore Girls sympathize. Here they want to both vomit, and be supportive. Let’s hope they’re not planning on vocalizing that support, because it may just turn into something much less pleasant, based on their other temptation.

Seriously though, these two manage to get themselves into some weird situations. And while we likely have never been in any of the exact situations they have, they tend to be similar enough where we can certainly sympathize.

1 GG Vs GG

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve found a friend that watches a show you love, only to realize that you’re talking about two completely different shows. That happened a lot for Gilmore Girl fans. Here we thought we had found a friend that like the show, only to learn they liked Gossip Girl.

To be fair, the reverse could also be said. So there’s disappointment all around. And sadly, this is likely not the only time it’ll happen in our lives. Shows get abbreviated, and that always leads to some confusion among fans – especially when the initials are so easy and common. Whoops.

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