Guest Stars On Gilmore Girls, Ranked

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are obviously the stars of Gilmore Girls, and fans can't stop coming back for their banter and sweet relationship. Any series that lasts for as long as this one did (seven seasons, even though superfans prefer to ignore the final one) has countless guest stars. Some are in one episode and others are in half a season, but they all make an impression.

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It's always fun to look back on a show and realize that the guest stars are actually famous today. That's the case here. Let's take a look at some of the guest stars on this beloved, funny series. Here are the most talked about guest stars on Gilmore Girls, ranked.

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Jane Lynch Gilmore Girls
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8 Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch Gilmore Girls

Did we know that Jane Lynch was a guest star on Gilmore Girls? It's one of those blink-and-you'll-miss-it roles (seriously... she's on screen for only a few minutes). The actress is in the season one episode "Forgiveness and Stuff" when Richard has a heart attack at the holiday party that Lorelai was disinvited from. Jane Lynch plays a nurse who Emily isn't that thrilled with (but, honestly, when is Emily ever thrilled?).

It's fun for fans to take note of the Glee star on the mother/daughter show, but since she's not on-screen for very long, she's number 8 on this list of Gilmore Girls guest stars.

More recently, Jane Lynch has been in three episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maiseland 11 episodes of The Stinky & Dirty Show.

7 Arielle Kebbel

Arielle Kebbel guest starred on Gilmore Girls as Dean's wife, Lindsey. Honestly, Lindsey is kind of an annoying character, which is why she's not higher up on this list.

The problem with Lindsey is that she and Dean don't have a good relationship, so she seems kind of like she's whining all the time. And since fans are more interested in seeing Dean and Rory together (at least, the ones who aren't on Team Jess or Logan), it's hard to root for this young married couple to work out.

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We might recognize Arielle Kebbel from her starring role in John Tucker Must Die. She's also been on The Vampire Diaries and Midnight, Texas.

6 Nick Offerman

The hilarious Parks and Recreation star plays Jackson's brother, Beau, in two episodes of Gilmore Girls. He's definitely one of the best guest stars on the show since he's such a talented actor.

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The only reason why Nick Offerman isn't higher up on the list? Because there were seven seasons of Gilmore Girls and quite a few characters to keep track of, his turn as Jackson's brother might have gotten lost in the shuffle. It's fair to say that quite a few fans would say that they totally forgot that he was on the show, although of course he was awesome as always. (That just means it's time to watch it all over again.)

5 Mädchen Amick

Mädchen Amick is known for starring on Twin Peaks and fans of Gilmore Girls definitely remember that she guest stars as Christopher's partner, Sherry, in quite a few episodes.

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Sherry is more than a little bit of a frustrating person. When we learn that she's having Christopher's baby, it's confusing to think that Chris could grow up enough to be a father the second time around, and Sherry doesn't exactly seem like she's interested in being a great mom. Mädchen Amick does a good job with this guest starring role, but since Sherry isn't a very likable character, she's number five on the list.

4 Bryce Johnson

The actor who became famous on Ryan Murphy's show Popular and has since starred on Pretty Little Liars as Detective Darren Wilden was in one episode of Gilmore Girls: season two's "Run Away, Little Boy."

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This was a really memorable role, which puts him at number four on this list. Bryce Johnson played Paul, a student in Lorelai's evening business class who wants to go out with her. Lorelai realizes that he's sweet but way too young for her. Although he's only in one episode, Paul is an important part of Lorelai's character development. She's slowly figuring out how to date while raising Rory and who is and who isn't a suitable partner for her.

3 Krysten Ritter

Now we know and love her on Jessica Jones, but way back in the day, Krysten Ritter guest starred on Gilmore Girls as Lucy, one of Rory's friends at Yale. Lucy is an actress and everyone describes her as "quirky."


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Krysten Ritter wins the number three spot on this list because she's definitely one of the best guest stars on the show. For one thing, she's in several episodes (eight to be exact), and for another, she leaves a big impression. Even if fans don't love the Yale seasons as much as when Rory was living in Stars Hollow and attending Chilton, Lucy is a bright spot in these later episodes.

2 Chad Micheal Murray

Alexis Bledel as Rory and Chad Michael Murray as Tristan in Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls would be a different show if Rory didn't attend the snobby and fancy private school Chilton. One character who makes her time there so memorable is definitely Tristan. He's a spoiled rich boy who can't help but bug her every single day... because he's got such a big crush on her.


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Chad Michael Murray played Tristan for several episodes, making him one of the most memorable guest stars on the show. He's number two on this list because while he's not the best, he's still really good. The actor brings his charming smile and knack for playing likable characters to the role. While Tristan isn't as likable as good guy Lucas on One Tree Hill, Chad Michael Murray makes us like him at least a little bit.

1 Adam Brody

Adam Brody in Gilmore Girls

Before Adam Brody played cute nerd Seth Cohen on The O.C. (and taught us about celebrating holidays and how geeks can be cooler than anyone else... although we might have already known that last part), he was Dave Rygalski on Gilmore Girls. This was a more substantial guest starring role as he was in nine episodes. It's interesting to re-watch the show and see Adam Brody since his star quality is totally obvious.

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Adam Brody takes the number one spot for guest stars on Gilmore Girls because he did such a great job. It's adorable to watch Dave and Lane play in the same band, and of course, they also date. We'll always love Dave for realizing how awesome Lane is, which is something that fans knew all along.

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