Gilmore Girls: 10 Crazy Fan Theories That Are Impossible (And 10 That Should Have Been True)

People all over the world are busy watching the second season of Amy Sherman-Palladino's excellent series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. While that series might be today's awards darling, for many fans of the extraordinarily talented writer, she will always be known for her first series, Gilmore Girls. The show has reached nostalgic levels, and has kickstared a number of coffee addictions across the world.

While the show began nearly two decades ago, fans are still combing over the series to look for new clues and revelations about the fast-talking, coffee loving residents of Stars Hollow. These passionate fans have taken to the internet for years to share clues and details that might have gone unnoticed on the first hundred or so watches of the beloved series. While fans had a lot of issues with the revival series, they still binged it and came up with ways to deal with their heartbreak by coming up with some fan theories. In the original series, while there might be less, considering most fans were pretty content with how everything developed, there are still some very interesting ones. In fact, one theory is that Lorelai and Sookie committed a pretty serious felony!

These observations have led to some pretty amazing fan theories. They've also led to some pretty insane ones as well. You can decide how you feel about each one by the end of it, but be warned, each entry is crazier than the last one!

Here are 10 Crazy Fan Theories That Are Impossible (And 10 That Should Have Been True).

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20 Impossible: The TV Show Is Rory's Book

Fans were extremely excited when they heard that Gilmore Girls would be coming back as a Netflix mini-series. Unfortunately, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life was a big disappointment for many fans. The main complaint about the new series is that our sweet, intelligent Rory was acting very out of character.

For some fans, the answer to this was simple. In the revival, Rory starts a book called "Gilmore Girls". Some think that this means that Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life is the real series and that the original series is just the book. This seems pretty far-fetched for a number of reasons. The main one is that even though there were some inconsistencies in the new series, there were far too many consistent elements with the original series to think that we weren't watching a continuation of the original story. Chalk this one up to wishful thinking from some disappointed fans.

19 Should Be True: Logan Is The Father Of Rory's Baby

Logan And Rory Having An Affair Behind Their Partners' Backs

Many fans thought that when the revival premiered that Rory and Logan would finally get together. Fans sort of got their wish in Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life and sort of didn't.

Rory and Logan did get physical again, but it was while both of them were with other people. (Scandal!) While they will probably never get back together, fans can find some solace in the idea that Logan is the most likely candidate for Rory's surprise pregnancy at the end.

18 Impossible: The Wookie Is The Father Of Rory's Baby

One of the oddest throwaway lines in the revival was when Rory referred to hooking up with a guy dressed up like a Wookie. This seems pretty out of character for the Rory we used to know (unless she was always hiding a secret Star Wars fetish) and it was most likely intended to be a forgettable joke.

They should've known that Gilmore Girls fans don't forget anything. Some fans have theorized that it's actually the Wookie who fathered Rory's baby. This seems pretty ridiculous and random for a show that likes to have as much generational symmetry as it does. (Unless Rory's real father is actually a guy who was dressed up as C-3P0.)

17 Should Be True: Kirk Is Taylor's Son

Kirk in Gilmore Girls

This fan theory will almost certainly change how you rewatch Gilmore Girls from now on. Many fan detectives out there have come to the conclusion that Kirk Gleason is actually Taylor Doose's son. While there are a few offhand references to Kirk's father in the series, it's far from impossible that in a place like Stars Hollow there are some secret baby daddy hijinks afoot.

The evidence for this theory seems pretty convincing when you stack it up. Taylor tells Lorelai that Dooses suffer from night terrors, an affliction that Kirk also shares. Taylor continuously gives Kirk jobs despite his ineptitude. That reeks of nepotism. The biggest piece of proof is when Kirk actually theorizes momentarily that Taylor might be his father. It could be just a throwaway line, but as we've already covered, there's no such thing to Gilmore Girls fans.

16 Impossible: Dean Is Sam Winchester From Supernatural

Gilmore Girls and Supernatural have two of the largest, most dedicated fan bases out there. It's only natural that there would be some crossover theories between them. Especially considering Jared Padalecki is in both. Some fans of the two series even think that he's playing the same character.

Jared Padalecki stars as Sam Winchester in Supernatural. In his high school years, he and his brother Dean Winchester move around a lot while their father is off hunting demons. Sam has even referenced that he was often left alone. The brothers are experts in creating false identities, it stands to reason that Sam probably got plenty of practice in his early years. Fans think that Sam was laying low in Stars Hollow, using his brother's name as a cover. It's a serious stretch considering how much of Dean's life history we get and how much it conflicts with Sam Winchester's.

15 Should Be True: Rory And Logan Parallel Emily And Richard

Gilmore Girls Richard and Emily

Many fans think that Rory and Logan's relationship is meant to symbolize Emily and Richard's. Fans have drummed up lots of evidence to support this claim. Richard and Emily had a love that Richard's family didn't approve of while they were both at Yale. This was the exact same set up for Rory and Logan. Richard was also engaged to another woman while Logan cheats on his fiance with Rory in the revival. Trix also openly reviles Emily while Logan's mother made her opinions on Rory quite well known.

Some fans may have a problem with that because of a different symmetrical theory. Many think that Logan is actually Rory's Christopher, proving him to be the father of her baby. There's no reason it can't be both, however. It would be just like Amy Sherman-Palladino to end Rory's journey with her sharing experiences with both the maternal figures in her life.

14 Impossible: Rory Actually passed When She Hit The Deer

Fans are still traumatized by the episode where Rory is late for a test and gets hit by a deer. The scene plays out like a stress dream come to life. For some morbid fans, that trauma is worse than others. Some theorize that not only did Rory miss her test but she actually hit the deer and passed away. This would mean that the entire series and the revival either take place in the afterlife or that they take place in the final seconds of Rory's life as she imagines what could have been.

This seems incredibly unlikely considering that the show is written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and not Damon Lindelof or Stephen King. Those writers might relish the idea of an entire series as a vision in the afterlife, but it's hard to imagine the writer of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel sharing that kind of sensibility.

13 Should Be True: Jess Is Rory's Luke

There's no doubt that several Rory and Jess shippers have been combing through this list, looking for some sign that their favorite pair ended up together in the end. Luckily, this theory doesn't disappoint.

While we've already covered the idea that Logan is probably a combination of Christopher and Richard, that begs to mind which of her beau's could possibly mirror Lorelai's one and only, Luke? Jess is the most likely candidate. He's down to earth, brooding, and a bit distant. The biggest clue that supports this theory is that Jess is Luke's nephew. It stands to reason that if this theory is true, Rory just needs to wait a few years after she gives birth before she and Jess end up together.

12 Impossible: Sookie And Lorelai Burned Down The Independence Inn

Sookie’s Unconvincing Expertise

The Independence Inn was a huge piece of the Gilmore Girls early days. It's where we were first introduced to characters like Sookie and Michel. The sweet establishment was a huge part of Stars Hollow and the Gilmores' lives. That is until it burned down by accident. Or was it an accident?

Some fans theorize that Sookie and Lorelai actually burned down the inn on purpose. This would've potentially been a business motivated move in order to reduce competition for their Dragonfly Inn. This theory is pretty wild. Sookie and Lorelai are hardly criminal masterminds. Even if they somehow managed to pull it off, it's doubtful either would ever be able to keep the secret or live with the guilt.

11 Should Be True: Lorelai & Luke Grow Old Together

Scott Patterson as Luke Danes and Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls series

This adorable fan theory actually comes courtesy of Luke actor Scott Patterson. When asked how he thought Lorelai and Luke's lives went after the end of the series, he painted quite the lovely picture. His idea was that the two were one of those perfect couples who live together until they are both in their nineties. Then, when one of them passed away, the other would follow soon after, unable to live apart.

This is about the sweetest possible ending to the Lorelai/Luke story. If Amy Sherman-Palladino ever does decide to continue the story and does a Six Feet Under style finale that shows how the characters die, it would be lovely if this is the final image we're left with.

10 Impossible: Lorelai Is In A Coma In The Revival

Fans unhappy with Gilmore Girls: A Day In The Life will come up with anything to invalidate the revival. Of those theories, perhaps none is bleaker than the idea that Lorelai was in a coma throughout the Netflix run. While the idea may be supported by how the revival shows Lorelai work through long dormant problems with her mother and anxieties about her daughter, it seems far-fetched at best. It's certainly not the kind of storyline Amy Sherman Palladino normally conjures up.

Also, it's hard to imagine a world where Lorelai imagines her daughter acting the way she did in the revival. If this theory were true, surely Lorelai's extended dream sequence about her daughter would have her leading a happier and more successful life. If anything, the revival is criticized for being too much like reality, not too much like a dream.

9 Should Be True: The Maid Service Hates Emily

Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life Emily Kelly Bishop

One of the best running jokes from Gilmore Girls was the revolving door of maids that worked for Emily at one time or another. While it was one of the most humorous aspects of the series, it did become a serious question as to how Emily couldn't find any maids that she liked.

There's a delightfully simple fan theory that perfectly explains how this kept happening to Emily. The theory states that the maid service was so annoyed by Emily's constant complaints that they purposefully sent her the worst maids just to mess with her. This seems like perfect karma for Emily as she did always regard herself as higher than other people that weren't a part of her social group. Fans will no doubt enjoy their rewatch much more imagining the mischievous maid service employees scheming against Emily.

8 Impossible: Stars Hollow Is In The Twin Peaks Universe

Like Supernatural and Gilmore Girls, the fascinatingly bizarre Twin Peaks has its own horde of passionate fans. Some of these fans have theorized that the David Lynch series might share a universe with Stars Hollow. In the Twin Peaks mythos, there is a place called "The White Lodge". This place is supposedly an area of great peace and tranquility. It's almost depicted as a sort of heaven stand in. Some fans believe that Stars Hollow is in fact "The White Lodge".

Stars Hollow seems to be devoid of almost any real pain. Aside from some intense family drama and one ill-fated deer, there really isn't much that happens in Stars Hollow that one would consider truly awful. Where the theory falls apart is the fact that much of the series takes place outside of Stars Hollow.

7 Should Be True: Trix Wrote The Letter

There were several intriguing mysteries brought up by Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, but there's one that often gets overlooked. In a joint therapy session, Emily accuses Lorelai of writing her a very cruel letter. Lorelai denies that she wrote it but Emily remains unconvinced. Many fans have tried to figure out who the author of the letter could be. While some may just conclude that Lorelai wrote the letter and just doesn't want to admit it, others have decided that the letter's author must actually be Trix.

This theory actually fits in with the show perfectly. Trix is well known for having a low opinion of Emily. She is even known for saying so in letter form. She wrote a similar letter to Richard in an attempt to get him to call off the wedding. The most convincing piece of evidence is actually the one that may have caused the confusion. Trix's real name is also Lorelai. It's possible she could have signed the letter "Lorelai" and Emily mistook this to be her daughter's.

6 Impossible: Rory Is Lorelai's Surrogate

Gilmore Girls Winter Lauren Graham Alexis Bledel

The biggest unresolved issue from Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life is undoubtedly who the father of Rory's baby is. While many theories point to Logan, Dean, Paul, and the aforementioned Chewbacca enthusiast, one theory claims that all of those are false. This theory actually points to the idea that Rory is carrying Lorelai's baby. While this theory is ridiculous at first thought, it makes more sense when shown the facts that support it. Lorelai and Luke do talk about how they might want kids, despite Lorelai's inability to conceive one. There is also the fact that Paris is revealed to be the head of a fertility clinic. This does seem like a thing Rory would be open to doing for her mother considering how crazy close they are.

Though that closeness is exactly why the theory falls apart. If Rory really were considering being Lorelai's surrogate, it would stand to reason that at least half of the revival would feature the two of them discussing it at length. It's hard to imagine Amy Sherman-Palladino having that as a plot point without ever showing Rory having an existential crisis over it. Rory does so love to have an existential crisis.

5 Should Be True: The Lorelai Attachment Theory

It's not surprising that hardcore Gilmore Girls fans have taken to psychoanalyzing their favorite characters. While we may never know exactly why Rory all of a sudden decided to quit school and take up boat thievery, this theory seems to have figured out Lorelai's relationship psychology perfectly.

This theory states that Lorelai has serious attachment issues. That she craves closeness while also simultaneously rejecting it in fear. This fits Lorelai's crazy dating habits perfectly. This theory works all the way back to season one where Lorelai was constantly changing her mind on whether she loved Max, or even Christopher. If calling off a wedding because you can't figure out if you love your fiance doesn't scream attachment issues, nothing does.

4 Impossible: Mr. Kim Was Always Shopping For Antiques

Mr. Kim Disappearing To Thin Air

One of the biggest mysteries throughout the run of the show was where exactly Lane's father was throughout the series. While most just assume this was an inside joke, some have a simple solution. This theory claims that Mr. Kim was never around because he was constantly traveling. He had a store that sold antiques so he would need to constantly find rare items throughout the country.

That might explain some of Mr. Kim's absence, but certainly not all of it. If this were true, there would definitely be scenes of him bringing in new items into the store from time to time. Even the guys from American Pickers go home from time to time.

3 Should Be True: Rory's Hair Represents Her Thoughts

Shows like Gilmore Girls and Breaking Bad often have extraordinary attention to detail. This leads fans to constantly search for tiny bits of imagery that might further reveal a part of the series they'd never thought of before. One fan theory claims to have figured out Rory by the small details about her hair.

The claim states that Rory's hair often reflects her inner thoughts. During her first dance, for example, Rory has her hair pulled up in a very adult manner. She later expresses joy at removing the style and returning to her less adult life. This theory tracks for Rory across her decisions to cut her hair short, grow out her bangs, or the infamous punk rock look. Like Walter White, Rory's physical appearance is constantly changing as her character does.

2 Impossible: Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life 2?

While many fans were unhappy with Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, for others the Gilmore Girls love could not be smothered. This, of course, has led to a ton of internet speculation as to whether a second season of the revival is possible. Unfortunately, that seems doubtful. The biggest clue that the series is done for good is, in fact, the last line. While on any other show, a character revealing that they are pregnant would be a cliffhanger, for Gilmore Girls, it is the completion of the show's arc.

While the idea that Gilmore Girls could return is very tantalizing, it's also hard to imagine the show continuing on without repeating itself or growing stale. A show about Rory raising her daughter (because of course, it's a girl) and that girl's struggle to grow up in Stars Hollow is far too reminiscent of the beginning of the series for it to be a true jumping off point. Instead, it seems like the writers have found the perfect ending for the beloved series.

1 Should Be True: Caesar Was At Chilton

This fan theory shows just how eagle-eyed Gilmore Girls fans can be. At times, they truly are expert television detectives. That's how fans figured out that Caesar used to be a Chilton student.

For most fans, Caesar is just known as the loveable chef that works at Luke's diner. They might think that he's a side character with no real mystery about him. They would be wrong. Gilmore Girls fans have spotted our favorite diner chef hanging out in the background at Chilton. The real mystery is why a Chilton student would want or need to work at a diner. Maybe he's just really passionate about burgers? Though that's a theory for another day.


Do you have any fan theories about Gilmore Girls? Let us know in the comments!

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