Gilmore Girls Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

The Gilmore Girls characters have been sorted into their Harry Potter Hogwarts houses and there are a surprising number of Slytherins...

One of the most memorable shows out there is Gilmore Girls, which focused on a mother-daughter duo. These two, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, lived in the quirky town of Stars Hollow, and fans watched them interact with interesting people in their town (like Kirk and Taylor), with Richard and Emily (Lorelai’s parents and Rory’s grandparents), with their friends (such as Sookie and Lane) and with the many men in their lives (from Chris and Luke to Dean and Jess).

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So we got to thinking…which Hogwarts houses would all of these characters be sorted into if they were in the world of Harry Potter…? Let’s discuss that now, shall we?

10 Lorelai - Gryffindor

A Gryffindor is someone who is brave yet kind, who has nerve yet who has values. This sounds like Lorelai. She is certainly courageous, as she is not afraid to speak her mind and go after what she wants. Behind that boldness, though, she is extremely caring, and she would do anything for the loved ones in her life. We can totally see her at Hogwarts, where she would definitely sneak into the Forbidden Forest and also stand up for anyone who needed a helping hand. Plus, with that skin, that hair and those eyes, she would look great in scarlet and gold!

9 Rory - Ravenclaw

Rory is like her mother in a lot of ways, but she is much more introverted. She is a studious observer, who would rather be reading than doing anything else. Due to her intelligence, her need to learn and her wit, Rory would probably be sorted into Ravenclaw. She may not be as cocky as Gilderoy Lockhart or as eccentric as Luna Lovegood and Sybill Trelawney (three fellow members of this house), but all of these Ravenclaws are hardworking, creative, accepting and original. They also value academics above many other things in life, just like Rory does on her TV show.

8 Luke - Hufflepuff

Luke Danes, of Stars Hollow’s beloved Luke’s Diner, has a tough exterior, but he is one of the kindest characters within this series. He wakes up early and stays late, in order to serve up yummy food and hot coffee. But he does much more than this; he will drop everything if it means assisting a friend in need, and all of this helps make Luke a Hufflepuff. These people are known for their hard work, their loyalty and their strong moral codes. This house is also not into rivalry, just as Luke is into keeping the peace (unless Taylor is being extra annoying!).

7 Jess - Slytherin

Slytherin may get a bad rap at times, but many powerful witches and wizards have come out of this house...and we think Jess would join them. He totally has that bad boy thing down, but he has many of the positive traits found in this house, as well. He is ambitious (He went on to become a published author!), he is resourceful (for better or for worse!), and he shows self-preservation (since he was on his own for awhile yet can step up in order to get by and in order to succeed!). Yes, he seems like a true Slytherin.

6 Dean - Hufflepuff

Dean and Luke actually share many traits, which may be why the Gilmore girls fell for these guys. Like Luke, Dean works hard. He is extremely patient. He is super modest. And he displayed loyalty (minus that one time, when him and Rory got together, while he was married to Lindsay).

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Overall, Dean is an all-around great guy - sort of the guy-next-door type who was popular in school but didn’t brag and who was easy to bring home to mom, with his manners and that smile. When considering all of that, it certainly seems that Dean would get sorted into Hufflepuff.

5 Logan - Slytherin

It seems obvious that Logan Huntzberger, who Rory was with later in life, would be a Slytherin. In fact, he sort of reminds us of Draco Malfoy! He is not afraid to take chances and act out, since he was high up in the Life and Death Brigade. He was super smart, though, and he saw success if/when he actually applied himself. He was a leader, as many of the people around him looked up to him and admired his affluence and his attitude. He was also clever and could easily sweet talk his way out of or into things!

4 Paris - Slytherin

Another Slytherin from this television series is Paris Geller. She, too, has an edge to her - but it is just because she is a perfectionist! She is beyond bright and definitely driven. That being said, she knows what she wants, she knows what she has to do to make that happen, and she is not afraid to do whatever it takes to reach her goals. It is funny to imagine her at Hogwarts, because she would take quidditch and OWLs to a whole new level, and she would probably even make Draco shake in his robes!

3 Sookie - Hufflepuff

When it comes to Sookie St. James, we are getting Hufflepuff vibes. She dislikes conflicts, like a true Hufflepuff. She is kind, like a true Hufflepuff. And she works hard, like a true Hufflepuff. Further evidence that this fun friend and crazy cook belongs here is that she is quirky. When we think of this house, we picture unique characters and one-of-kind witches and wizards.

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With her lack of grace, her kerchiefs in her hair and her hilarious lines that she delivers on this show, Sookie would certainly fit in with this yellow and black group.

2 Lane - Gryffindor

Lane is actually a lot like Lorelai, too, and within this TV series, comparisons were even made between the two; when Lorelai was growing up, she rebelled against her parents and had a love of rock and roll, candy and other things that Emily Gilmore would not approve of. Lane had to hide her true identify and passions for most of her life, since she wanted to be in a rock band, wanted to eat food that actually had a taste and wanted to dress in a funky way. This bravery, nerve, and courage lands her in Gryffindor.

1 Kirk - Hufflepuff

Last but not least, we have Kirk. what job did fans NOT see this man doing? That being said, he is certainly dedicated and hardworking, which are two top traits of this house. He also extremely tolerant, as he puts up with a lot (and as the town, in turn, puts up with him and his crazy antics). And even though he makes some strange decisions, Kirk is a kind, fair and loyal friend who truly cares.

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So, yes, we think Kirk would be sorted as a Hufflepuff if he ended up at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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