Gilmore Girls: 10 Best Sookie Quotes

Before she was a big-time movie star who has a knack and talent for comedy, Melissa McCarthy starred on the TV drama Gilmore Girls as Sookie St. James. She was the charming best pal of Lorelai and an amazing chef who had tons of quirks, just like the rest of the people in Stars Hollow.

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Sure, Lorelai and Rory have funny quips, and Michel and Luke make viewers laugh in every single episode. But Sookie has some excellent quotes throughout the series and it's time to take a look at her greatest lines.

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Melissa McCarthy As Sookie St James On Gilmore Girls
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10 "I can't make the strawberry shortcake."

Melissa McCarthy As Sookie St James On Gilmore Girls

When Lorelai asks Sookie to "tell me something happy" in the season one episode "Kill Me Now," Sookie responds, "I can't make the strawberry shortcake." Lorelai says, "Wow. You suck at this game."

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This is definitely one of Sookie's best quotes. She's such a quirky character that sometimes, she has a pretty hilarious and weird response to a question that someone asks her. In her mind, it makes total and perfect sense... but Lorelai doesn't know what she means. One of the best parts of watching Gilmore Girls is seeing Sookie in the kitchen whipping up something delicious (and watching her and Lorelai quip, of course).

9 "Oh, my goodness. You're a movie star! I'm serious. At some point tonight, walk down a flight of stairs. Movie stars always walk down staircases."

Melissa McCarthy as Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls

Sookie says this quote in the season one episode "Rory's Dance" when Lorelai has made Rory's dress and made sure that she looks fabulous for her very first Chilton event. In true Sookie fashion, she has a great and hilarious response to how pretty Rory looks.

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While the first half of this quote is straightforward and many people would say that Rory looks like a Hollywood actress, Sookie takes things in a funnier direction by saying that she should "walk down a flight of stairs." Even if you never thought about it, she's totally right here. Movie stars do walk down the stairs, and Rory would look fabulous doing so as well.

8 "I can't believe Rory's turning 21. It seems like just yesterday she was crying because you told her Charlotte Bronte couldn't come to her sleepover because she's dead."

In the sixth season episode "Twenty-One Is the Loneliest Number," Rory has her 21st birthday and it's bittersweet she and her mom aren't on speaking terms. The mother/daughter duo had always had massive plans for this special day... but that isn't going to happen.

Sookie's statement is both funny and moving, which can describe a lot of the dialogue on Gilmore Girls. Sookie is such a wonderful character since she has such a cool, interesting way of viewing the world. She marches to the beat of her own drummer and instead of saying something cheesy about Rory's childhood, she shares this great memory.

7 "Crying a little, but not blubbering. That's what we meant when we said no crying. No blubbering."

At Rory's graduation, Lorelai and Sookie try not to let their emotions get the best of them. They keep saying that of course they're not actually crying. Finally, Luke says that he's "blubbering."

It's a hilarious scene but also so emotional for fans who know that everything is going to change in the Gilmore household. Now, instead of having her daughter and best friend around all the time, Lorelai has to get used to having an empty nest... and Rory has to adjust to a whole new world at Yale. Sookie has the perfect line of dialogue: "crying" is okay because it's not "blubbering."

6 "You were a good cake, Clyde. I never should have named you."


When Lorelai is engaged to Max, no one is more excited than Sookie who wants to make an epic and amazing wedding cake. In the classic second season episode "The Road to Harvard," Lorelai and Rory take off on a road trip, which means that Lorelai's wedding is no longer going to happen.

When Lorelai calls her best pal to tell her the news, Sookie says this quote. Of course, it's even funnier since after she makes this statement, we see that she make a cake that is several tiers high. Oops.

5 "Are you pregnant?"

Sookie and Jackson have always had a funny and offbeat relationship. They both have a crazy love of produce since he's the guy who sells her the fruits and vegetables that she needs to cook with at the Inn, and they flirt over strawberries and carrots before finally dating.

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They're both shy and nervous about being in a relationship and it takes them a while to get over their awkwardness and become more comfortable around each other. In the season two episode "A Tis-ket, A Tas-ket," Jackson says, "I think we should get married." Then he says, "Soon." Sookie asks, "Are you pregnant?" and it's totally hilarious. It's the best response since of course that's why a lot of people rush to the altar.

4 "Raise your right hand and say, 'May Destiny's Child break up if I count these blueberries.'"

Sookie and Michel have an adorable and tension-filled relationship. They both compete for Lorelai's affection and attention at the Inn, and in this hilarious scene from the season two episode "Run Away, Little Boy," Michel says that "twelve blueberries" is all that he's allowed for his morning meal.

Anyone would find this totally ridiculous, but especially Sookie, a chef. Sookie keeps bugging him and says this quote, which is one of her best. Of course, Michel responds in his trademark frustrated manner.

3 "Wasn't that great? I mean, just watching it made me feel smarter. Don't you feel smarter?"

In the same season two episode mentioned above, Lorelai and Sookie watch Rory and her classmates act out Shakespeare. Sookie puts into words what so many people feel when attending an intelligent school production, debate, or any kind of event: that just by being there for an hour or two, they feel like they've gained some more smarts.

This is also a great quote since Lorelai and Christopher often say a similar thing when they attend something of Rory's. They are often amazed at their brilliant daughter and all of the knowledge (and big words) that she has.

2 "If Rachael Ray reorganized my pantry, I'm gonna blow."

This is another one of Sookie's best quotes and it's from the "Fall" episode of the Netflix revival.

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She starts off by saying that she can smell that other chefs have been cooking in the Inn's kitchen, and she name drops Ina Garten, among others. Then she says this hilarious line about Rachel Ray. This scene is already fairly bittersweet since Sookie and Lorelai are talking about how their dream was to run this Inn together but Sookie has been off doing her own thing. Sookie's comments cut through the emotional tension and make everything feel warm, happy, and comforting again. It's the reason why so many fans love Gilmore Girls.

1 "I couldn't decide. But, I mean, this is your Luke wedding."

Unlike the other quotes on this list which are humorous, this quote from Sookie is much more serious.

In the same scene from "Fall" that is mentioned above, Sookie is sharing with Lorelai that she made tons of wedding cakes for her becaus this is such a big, meaningful, emotional event. This quote packs an emotional punch and reminds fans that this wedding has been such a long time coming.

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