NCIS Producer Gil Grant Dicusses Gattaca TV Show

Sometimes, when you hear a movie is being turned into a TV show, you can't help but cringe. It's not always easy to make the transition from feature film to television show, especially when the movie has a loyal following. Some of the movies that have made the best transition into the TV world include M.A.S.H, Stargate, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Could Gattaca join that list?

Though often overlooked, Gattaca was one of the more interesting science fiction films to come out of the 1990s. Featuring Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, and Jude Law, the movie explored a futuristic society where genetic engineering was the norm, creating a world where "Valids" (individuals who had been genetically enhanced before birth) live in a socially superior position to "Invalids" (average Joes like you and me).

Recently, the MTV Movies Blog caught up with writer/producer Gil Grant (NCIS:Los Angeles, 24) to discuss his work on developing Gattaca into a police procedural. The plot of the series would revolve around the social tensions between the one government-appointed Invalid officer working in a police force full of genetically engineered Valids. I've excerpted some of the interview below, but make sure to check MTV for the full article.

On involving Gattaca's original director, Andrew Niccol (who is currently working on the Orlando Bloom sci-fi film, The Cross).

"I don't know him...That’s really up to [license-holder] Sony, I think. I’m certainly open to it, but that’s not my call."

On incorporating elements of the film into the TV series,

"I would use a great deal of the world and the nomenclature and the art direction, the feel of it, the music. It’s just such a beautiful film, and really cool."

On possible plot angles,

"You get all the crimes and all the tension that’s built up with Valids being accused of something they didn’t do, all the forensic science that would be new and much more advanced than we have now...The Invalid character I see as having a Valid girlfriend, and she’s dating him for all the wrong reasons. And I think that the Valid, the older detective, has some problems in his personal life that you follow through. Then you’ve got the captain of the police department who’s forced to hire this [Invalid]."

On bringing back characters from the film,

"I think it would be in some ways truer to the film to just [set things in a] different corner of the world and not try to re-cast an existing character."

While TV already has its fair share of police procedurals, I can really see Grant's ideas coming to life. With shows like Battlestar Galactica, and the more recent V and FlashForward showing that TV viewers are more interested than ever in science-fiction shows, Gattaca could become a hit. Of course, we won't know for sure until we actually see the show, and that might not be for a while. Grant says he will complete the first scripts in January or February.

What do you think? Could Gattaca make for a cool TV show?

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