10 Gifts That Any Stephen King Fan Wants

Stephen King fans are in love with his macabre, brutal, sometimes even sick creations and characters. His plots weave together the deepest fears we all harbor with disturbing facts of human nature. Such iconic roles as Pennywise, Wendy Torrance and Carrie White have all come out of the imagination of this prolific writer and icon of our time.

When shopping for the Stephen King enthusiast in your life, look no further than this list of watchable, readable, playable presents that will spark a scream of delight from their mouth. Put away the ax you've been sharpening to gift to your loved one - these products are much saner and enjoyable.

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10 Carrie Funko POP!

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This Funko Pop features Carrie White, the high school outcast and shy girl who possesses some surprising and horrifying telekinetic powers. Carrie is shown here in the middle of the most iconic scene of the entire film, covered in blood and slowly advancing with a frown on her face. Her dress is stained and her hands drip with blood. Her peers, as any fan knows, are about to feel some serious wrath coming their way.

This Pop is 3 3/4 inches tall and is a great addition to any horror film fan's office or bedroom. The Pop can be displayed with other Stephen King Funko Pops, or stand alone, as it is a detailed and eye-catching figure.

9 IT Morphing Mug

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This mug features a black ceramic, plain coloring when sitting cold or at room temperature - but for anyone who enjoys a creepy surprise, this mug has one in store for you. When hot liquid is poured into the mug, an image of Georgie appears, in his iconic yellow raincoat, hood pulled up over his head and covering his face.

Georgie is looking up at Pennywise the clown, who holds the classic red balloon from the film, offering it to Georgie with the title, "IT" emblazoned above them. The line, "You'll float too," appears as well, completing the chilling feel of this mug. It holds 11 ounces, fairly standard sizing, and makes a morning coffee much more unsettling - in a good way.

8 Wendy Torrance Funko POP!

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After watching The Shining, seeing the suspenseful opening sequence of Danny on his trike, the scaryGrady twins and the inimitable, "Here's Johnny!" entrance of Jack Torrance, there is still one image that viewers can't shake.

The entrancing, open-mouthed, classic horror movie scream that only Shelley Duvall can perform so well haunts fans. It is what ultimately made Wendy Torrance the incredible horror movie character that she was. This Pop features Wendy grasping a knife, in her bathrobe and boots, with a look of sheer terror on her face. For a fan of this badass, chilling character, this Pop will never let them forget how quickly The Shining turned their heart to ice.

7 Pet Sematary and Pet Sematary Two

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With a remake of Pet Sematary, there is a resurgence of enthusiasm for the creepy story that encapsulates small-town strangeness and childhood horror. The original two films, released in 1989 and 1992, were based on Stephen King's memorable novel of the same name. The first film, Pet Sematary, is a special adaptation in that Stephen King wrote the screenplay for the movie himself.

He also had some say about the shooting location (Maine, where the story takes place) and was more involved with the film than he has been with many others. This makes this a more close-to-the-truth experience for fans, while the sequel was less of a success, but is a fun follow-up to the original when fans are aching for more scares.

6 The Dark Tower Box Set

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All 8 books from the series are included in this box set of The Dark Tower, the first of which was released in 1998 and the last of which came out in 2004. As the series expands quite a bit on Stephen King's multiverse, he also used these books to tie together other various novels he has written - this is a great experience for a fan of his other books.

It gives them a chance to nerd out a little bit and connect the dots between the universes they know and love. The final volume's appendix includes the poem that inspired the series, Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came, by Robert Browning. This is a fun, long binge read for a big reader of King's works who needs a screen-free break from horror movie marathons.

5 Grady Twins Crew Socks

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These socks are higher rise, referencing the long, white socks worn by the scary Grady Twins in the 1980 classic horror film, The Shining. They picture the twins, one on each sock, placed on the front of the calves.

The twins wear their iconic blue dresses and stare straight ahead, haunting and seemingly detached from reality. The twins become slightly distorted when the socks are hiked up, adding to the creep factor but maintaining their shape and design. The toes and ankles have black caps on them, similar to the black shoes worn in the movie by the twins. These are officially licensed, fit sizes 6-12 and are a great collectible and wearable bit of memorabilia to gift to a fan.

4 Cujo: Music From the Motion Picture

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This 1983 film, based on King's novel about a mad, rabid dog that embarks on a killing mission and attacks humans, is one of the most horrific Stephen King cinematic experiences. Composer and conductor Charles Bernstein, also responsible for the music of A Nightmare on Elm Street, created the score, and the resulting mood, of the film.

In post-production, some of Bernstein's work was cut and never made it to audiences of the film. This soundtrack was released with the full score included, so that all of the tracks can be enjoyed in full. 18 tracks are on this recording, available on vinyl and in a limited release "St. Bernard" black and brown edition.

3 Pennywise Supercute Plushie

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This plush features Pennywise with blood dripping out of a maniacally grinning mouth and onto a white clown collar, with cute, seemingly sweet eyes peering up. This comes in a bundle that also includes one (possibly rare) trading card, which is a bonus when gifting the plush.

The toy is 6 to 8 inches tall, from Supercute Plushies, a crossover series by Funko and in collaboration with various universes of characters and movies. This is recommended for ages 3 and up, but you may want to think twice about giving a 3-year-old this monstrous creature - we all know what Pennywise gets up to.

2 Simpsons Stephen King Figure

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This figure was part of an action figure series, created for the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons, featuring various celebrities who have made appearances on the show. The celebrities chosen were named the '25 Greatest Celebrity Guest Stars' on the cartoon. The figure is 5 inches tall and holds a book, wearing glasses and a blue suit jacket. In Stephen King's episode, he is at a book convention when Marge Simpson approaches him and asks him what his next project is.

He confesses that he doesn't feel like writing scary books and is working on a biography of Benjamin Franklin. For big Stephen King fans, having a figure of the man himself is a nice desk toy or collectible to brighten their day. For those who are also fans of The Simpsons, this is a double-whammy gift that is perfect to give them on any occasion.

1 Funko POP! Movie Moment - Pennywise in Gutter

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This Funko Pop depicts a snapshot of a scene from IT, in which the highly repeatable quote, "You'll float too," is said, sending chills down the spine of all who hear it. This is the scene where Pennywise first appears, seen by Georgie when he chases a paper boat in a rainstorm, leading him to the gutter. Georgie kneels in his raincoat and boots, looking through the sewer opening at Pennywise.

The details on this Funko Pop make it a must-have for fans and collectors. The full scene that it depicts adds levels, textures and movement that don't exist in the same way with regular figures of one character.

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