• The 10 Gifts For The True Marvel Fan In Your Life

    There are plenty of MCU fans in the world who are excited to see the next movie Marvel is putting out. However, before the MCU, there were the fans of original source material and Marvel Comics. Most of the popular characters you see on the big screen began in a comic book, and it's those stories that got people in love with those characters in the first place.

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    Thankfully, the popularity of Marvel movies has led to plenty of collectible merchandise and stories that are perfect for Marvel Comics fans. If you're looking to get something for a friend who is big into those comics, we have 10 perfect gifts for them in this list.

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    SEE IT NOW: $37.78

    Many have already seen and own Avengers: Infinity War, but there are so many details that it's easy to gloss over the sheer amount of work that went into it. Fans of Marvel Comics may be interested to know what inspired the decisions in Avengers: Infinity War as well as how the concept art translated to scenes in the film.

    The book includes interviews from the filmmakers, concept art that you wouldn't find anywhere else, and details on costume designs that made it into the final cut. Avengers: Infinity War is a movie that deserves to be celebrated for how massive and successful it was.

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    SEE IT NOW: $16.37 | READ IT NOW: $8.99

    Ever wondered what the events of the Marvel Universe looked like to people on the outside? That's precisely what's attempted with Marvels. This comic series takes the perspective of some regular citizens as they see the biggest events in the Marvel Universe.

    Not only does it offer an interesting perspective shift for comic lore, but it also provides a massive debriefing on just about everything that happened through the decades. Marvel Comics fans are sure to appreciate this story that also features artwork from the always-impressive Alex Ross. It's a cheap comic too, making it the perfect gift.

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    SEE IT NOW: $38.76

    Legendary is a big card game that involves Marvel characters. This deck builder has players taking control of certain heroes as they work together to tackle villains who are constantly messing things up on the board. It's a game that's sure to please any Marvel Comics fan.

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    However, the game is also designed so it can be added to with other expansions. For example, the X-Men expansion adds characters, events, and items as they relate to the X-Men (which might've been a bit lacking in the standard set). Keep in mind that every expansion set requires the core game to play.

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    SEE IT NOW: $14.93

    Colorful socks are all the rage nowadays. While plenty of socks feature characters that appear in Marvel's latest films, there are other socks that pay more respect to the comics. These four pairs of socks include designs of Wolverine, Colossus, Beast, and Cyclops. While these four characters have appeared in film before, they feature their comic book designs and haven't been featured on the big screen in a few years.

    Marvel Comics fans are sure to appreciate the attractive yet colorful design of these socks. Including four color-coded pairs, it's easy to see why these would be a great gift, and they won't break the bank account either.

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    SEE IT NOW: $23.29

    Games like Cards Against Humanity have become extremely popular, but what if there was a version of those types of games that involved Deadpool and all his crazy misadventures? Look no further than Deadpool Vs the World. This card game has all sorts of imagery featuring the Merc With a Mouth in some really strange situations.

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    Each player is given a card with a blank spot that they must fill in to try and describe what Deadpool is doing. Marvel Comics fans are sure to appreciate the wacky and irreverent humor of Deadpool. It's also a great and funny game to play with a big group of people.

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    SEE IT NOW: $49.89

    In honor of the MCU's 10th anniversary, Funko decided to take their Pop! figures and replicate classic scenes from the MCU's various films. One that might catch the attention of any Marvel Comics fan is when Hulk fought Loki in The Avengers, a fight that didn't last very long, with Hulk having the upper hand from the very start.

    This Funko Pop! scene comes with a stand that makes it look great on display shelves. Hulk is given an angry expression while Loki is holding his arms out in fear. Having this in any collection is sure to make anyone think of one of the funniest scenes in the first Avengers film.

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    SEE IT NOW: $169.36 | READ IT NOW: $59.99

    The Avengers have done a lot in the Marvel Universe since they were created decades ago. It can be hard to track down which issues need to be read to follow the Avengers, so Marvel did fans a solid and put them in a single volume called Avengers: The Vibranium Collection.

    This comic includes many of the greatest stories involving the Avengers. Readers can witness how the Avengers were founded, the moment Captain America joined the team, and villains trying their best to bring them down. It gives readers a crash course on the Avengers while being a "greatest hits" collection.

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    SEE IT NOW: $39.95

    Thanos has quickly become one of the biggest Marvel characters, and that was thanks to his role in Avengers: Infinity War. Marvel Comics fans, of course, were already familiar with the Mad Titan but probably love him all the more now. As such, this Thanos figure from Diamond Select is sure to be a crowning jewel for any Marvel Comics fan.

    This figure is based on Thanos' design from the film and includes a fully assembled Infinity Gauntlet. The Thanos figure is given all sorts of minor details that help it come to life. The figure is also standing on what looks to be a portion of Titan for added stability.

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    SEE IT NOW: $26.99

    The Guardians of the Galaxy movies have always included some of the best music from decades past. Marvel Comics fans and MCU fans alike can appreciate the song choices and catchy tunes used in those films. What better way to honor the music used than by adding the Awesome Mix Vol 2 Deluxe Edition to a collection?

    The Deluxe Edition includes a few tracks that weren't in the standard version in the form of an attractive vinyl set that is sure to look great standing next to other records. If there is one MCU franchise that deserves the vinyl treatment, it's Guardians of the Galaxy.

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    SEE IT NOW: $42.73

    Spider-Man: Homecoming has become one of the most beloved Spider-Man movies of all time. One of the reasons it was so praised was because of just how relatable Tom Holland was as both Spidey and Peter Parker, as well as Spidey having a properly frightening villain to confront.

    Marvel Comics fans were sure to love the movie, but they may want to know what the vision was behind the wall-crawler's first solo movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There is no better way to learn about the film than by reading the Art of the Movie book to get all sorts of insider details about how this spectacular movie was made.

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