10 Gifts For Fans Of Robocop

Paul Verhoeven's 1987 classic RoboCop was not a conventional action movie in the 80s, but it developed a dedicated fanbase nonetheless. The film depicted a Detroit on the verge of a corporate buyout that would put the control of the police force in the hands of a private corporation, Omni Consumer Products (OCP), who wanted to replace officers with RoboCop.

The film launched a franchise that featured a few film sequels, multiple television spin-offs and continuations, comic books, video games, and even an ill-received reboot film. While RoboCop hasn't been as front and center in Hollywood the last few years, his star shines on with fans who continue to show their love for RoboCop. So today we are going to take a look at a few gifts that would be perfect for fans of RoboCop.

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Nothing quite shows one's fandom like drinking a piping hot beverage out of your favorite character's cranium, despite how terrible that actually sounds. Yet there are a number of interesting mugs from all fandoms that collectors can find, with RoboCop joining in on the fun with this Funnytoday365 Robocup Mug.

It would have been simple to just paint RoboCop's face on the mug, but Funnytoday365 went the extra mile and made the various portions of RoboCop's helmeted head stand out on the mug, so fans can really enjoy drinking hot liquids out of decapitated heads. Nope, we still don't get it. But it sure looks cool!



If you're so inclined you can add the new reboot film to your collection, but really, the original trilogy is a way better deal for your money. Sure, there is a depreciation of quality throughout the trilogy, but when you start on such a high level as the original RoboCop, it's okay to go downhill a bit.

The Blu-Ray trilogy pack includes all three films in eye-catching packaging, and the first film features some interesting special features and behind-the-scenes footage, though the offerings for the two sequels are a bit barebones.



RoboCop has appeared in the comics dating back to the Marvel Comics one-shot film adaptation that led into the ongoing series in 1990. The character has moved around the comic companies over the years, which has allowed for a number of interesting stories featuring Detroit's steel hero.

Comic legend Frank Miller wrote a screenplay for RoboCop 2 which was partially used for the final film. Miller brought his original screenplay for the sequel to the comics, which launched a few follow-up RoboCop series which is all collected in this beautiful omnibus.



We can't have a gift guide without T-Shirts, because true fans wear their hearts on their sleeves and their favorite characters on their chests. Popfunk has created a comfy shirt that features the iconic poster from the original RoboCop.

The image of RoboCop as he's getting out of his police cruiser excited audiences back in 1987 and continues to entice new fans who have only seen the reboot. Popfunk also includes die-cut stickers with every shirt so you can stick RoboCop on everything!



As a cybernetic police officer, RoboCop is able to take a lot of damage in battle, and fans have seen Murphy take some serious hits over the years. Hot Toys have released a two-figure set that includes an amazing battle-damaged RoboCop figure with a removable helmet and various hand options and weapons from the first film.

He's packaged with an Alex Murphy figure that comes in full Police armor with his own collection of weapons and accessories to accompany the incredibly detailed figures. We should probably be happy that this isn't a battle-damaged Alex Murphy figure, though that would certainly be a unique collector's item.



We've already discussed a bit of the cinematic legacy of the first RoboCop film, which has spawned sequels and TV movies as well as being parodied and homaged in other media for years. Calum Waddell has put together RoboCop: The Definitive History: The Story of a Sci-Fi Icon for fans to learn the full story of Detroit's pop culture icon.

This extensive hardcover takes readers to the beginning of RoboCop, from the script to the screen, and follows the franchise as it grew across mediums all the way until the 2014 film reimagined the character. The book includes exclusive images, storyboards, and interviews from creators and stars of the films, and is a must-have for any fan of RoboCop.



A hero is said to only be as good as his villain, and it comes to RoboCop, the most recognizable villain (besides corporations) is OCP's alternative to the RoboCop program, ED-209. The Enforcement Droid is fully robotic and filled to the brim with firepower, just make sure it stays away from any steep stairwells.

NECA is a highly-respected producer of quality toys and collectibles, and they have produced a highly-detailed ED-209 figure. The robotic tank is fully articulated and stands at 10 inches tall, plus it comes with push-button sounds featuring phrases straight from the movie! ED-209 would look great beside RoboCop in any collection.



Of course, there would be no RoboCop or ED-209 without Omni Consumer Products, the first mega-corporation to privatize a city. The abbreviated OCP had big plans that included building an entirely new city atop the ruins of Detroit that they dubbed Delta City.

This Trevco officially licensed shirt celebrates the corporation that made it all possible by displaying a distressed version of the fantastic OCP logo. Show your support for Omni Consumer Products and mega-corporations everywhere with this fashionable Tee!



The prize figure of our gift guide today is without a doubt Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Die-Cast RoboCop figure, which would look great in any movie lovers collection. Hot Toys produces incredibly detailed sculpts and figures that stand out even more in the Movie Masterpiece series.

The die-cast RoboCop figure features interchangeable mouth options, as well as alternate battle-damage options that let fans replicate his various states in the first film. The figure also features a working leg holster and can speak six memorable quotes from the film.



Die-hard fans of RoboCop might have gone through this list thinking everything we've suggested is either not big enough or already a part of their collection, but don't worry, we've got everybody here covered. Sometimes the only thing missing from your RoboCop collection is a life-sized bust of the man himself.

Sideshow and Chronicle collectibles have created this movie-accurate life-sized representation of Peter Weller as RoboCop from the original film. The bust features an amazing paint job that perfectly captures the on-screen look or RoboCop, and stands at over 30 inches tall, so is sure to be the centerpiece of any RoboCop collection.

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