The Gifted Season 2 Teaser: The Mutant Resistance Will Return

A promo video teases that the Mutant Resistance will return in season 2 of the X-Men TV show, The Gifted.

The first season of The Gifted came to an explosive climax, tearing the Mutant Underground apart. Fortunately, The Gifted season 2 has already been officially ordered by FOX, and it looks to be heading in a dark new direction. As the first brief promo for season 2 promises, the Mutant Resistance will be returning when the show resumes later this year.

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The new Mutant Resistance will likely be led by the Frost triplets, and will be taking direct action to oppose Sentinel Services and the Purifiers. They have already proven themselves a force to be reckoned with; Polaris brought down the Hound Program single-handedly, apparently killing Dr. Campbell when she destroyed his jet. No doubt their extreme methods will spur Sentinel Services on to respond in kind, though; this war is escalating, as the brief season 2 promo indicates (see the video embedded in the space above).

The X-Men have always been deeply philosophical. The iconic schism between Charles Xavier and Magneto is being played out in a different way in The Gifted, through the Underground and the Resistance. This time round, though, the two groups are intimately connected. There are close relationships between members of the Underground and the Resistance, meaning their philosophical differences have a sharp edge to them. Eclipse certainly isn't going to give up on Polaris, and the Struckers won't be abandoning Andy anytime soon. For their part, the Frosts would no doubt love to see more of the Underground defect.

This is clearly setting up an intriguing triple-sided conflict in season 2. The two rival mutant factions will each have a completely different way of working, and they will no doubt find themselves in some awkward and uncomfortable confrontations. Meanwhile, Sentinel Services will continue to try out new ways to neutralize the mutant threat. None of the mutants are safe, and any of them could be captured. Although the Frost triplets slaughtered unwary Sentinel Services agents during their prison break, the fact remains that two of them got captured in the first place. The humans clearly have ways to capture any mutant, including telepaths - and, of course, Polaris.

Against all this, there remains the shadow of the Hound Program. Dr. Campbell is believed to be dead, but this is a superhero TV series, and death is something of a revolving door. That's especially the case in the X-Men franchise, and in the comics Dr. Campbell ultimately became the mutant-hunting cyborg known as Ahab. It's possible Campbell will yet return in The Gifted season 2, as a terrifying threat that could even force the Resistance and the Underground to work together.

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The Gifted season 2 premieres on FOX sometime later this year.

Source: FOX

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