Meet the Mutants of X-Men TV Series The Gifted

A new video gives fans a preview of what to expect for the mutant characters that will appear in the FOX TV series, The Gifted, set in the world of the X-Men. During San Diego Comic-Con 2017, a trailer for the show was released that gave more details on the series' story, while this video provides more insight into the mutants and their abilities.

In the video, we see showrunner Matt Nix talk about how mutants are viewed in this terrifying world that's established in the series. The Gifted preview then proceeds to introduce us to four of these "objects of fear" that the show will follow: Thunderbird, Blink, Eclipse, and Polaris.

Thunderbird, played by Blair Redford, has superhuman strength and can see into the future. The comic book version of Thunderbird joined the X-Men in the 1970s, only to die on his second mission. The character's brother, Warpath, has a much bigger presence in the comics and was featured in X-Men: Days of Future Past, played by Booboo Stewart. You can check out said video, below:

The next character to be shown is Blink, played by Jamie Chung, who can create portals. The character is still struggling to perfect the use of the power. Like Thunderbird's brother, Blink appeared in X-Men: Days of Future Past and was portrayed by Fan Bingbing. So far, Blink is the only character in the show who has already had their debut in the X-Men franchise.

Next we have a completely new character, Eclipse, played by Sean Teale. According to Teale, Eclipse can fire lasers, emit light, but as a side-effect, he burns everything he touches - which could draw parallels to the popular X-Man, Rogue.

The final character is Polaris, played by Emma Dumont, who has the ability to manipulate all types of metal. Dumont teases that things for the character will soon get "crazy." If Polaris' ability makes her sound a lot like Magneto, the similarity is no coincidence. In the comic books, Polaris is the green-haired daughter of Magneto, but doesn't share the same mother as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. She's also a longtime love interest of Havok, the brother of Cyclops.

Since many of the characters in Polaris' life already exist in the X-Men movies, much of the character's backstory will have to be rewritten for The Gifted. However, this video indicates that the green effects that go with the character's power will carry over into the series.

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The Gifted will premiere on Fox, on Monday, October 2.

Source: IGN

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