The X-Men Character You Didn't Notice In The Gifted

The Gifted reopened the world of the X-Men to fans and introduced a number of new mutants, but one might have slipped under the radar to everyone watching: Sage. The show moved at an incredibly quick pace, drawing fans into the story of the ill-fated Struckers who discovered that their children were mutants and were forced to go on the run to defend them.

Drawn into the world of the mutant underground, The Gifted introduced multiple new mutants to the audience. While some might have looked different and others had sweeping and terrifying powers, others might have slipped under the radar. One, in particular, had a big part in the episode, but she didn't share or use her abilities.

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As confirmed by CBR, the mutant Jamie Chung's Blink befriends is confirmed to be Sage. She was the mutant who comforted Blink and explained what would happen next now that she was a part of the mutant underground. Sage first appeared in 1980s X-Men #132 by Chris Claremont and John Byrne. Gifted with eidetic and photographic memory as well as total control over her body and the ability to see and locate other mutants, she was recruited by Charles Xavier to go undercover for the Hellfire Club where she became Sebastian Shaw's assistant. She's been associated with multiple groups including the New Exiles, a group that Blink was the leader of in the comics.

Played by Hayley Lovitt on The Gifted, it's presumed that Sage will reveal her abilities in upcoming episodes through dialogue and other actions. The actress will hopefully have a chance to showcase Sage's considerable skills, though how similar those skills might be to her comic book persona remains to be seen. Lovitt is no stranger to comic book adaptations and genre shows thankfully, so she should be able to handle whatever the writers throw at her. She played the masked Janet Van Dyne in Ant-Man and appeared in Brian Bendis's Powers as Michelle Claremont. Her other credits include The Originals, Sleepy Hollow, and One Tree Hill.

The Gifted introducing more X-Men to the X-Men universe and digging through the considerable canon to bring new faces to fans is the smartest move that Fox could have made to promote the show. The heart of X-Men lies in its powered individuals and showing a large group of them outside of the Brotherhood and Xavier's team seems poised to show just what effect they had on the world. Every mutant beyond those teams have, in a way, become mutants who have never been seen. Now thanks to The Gifted they, like Sage, are finally getting the spotlight.

The Gifted airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

Source: CBR

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