Meet the New Mutants of Marvel's The Gifted TV Series

The latest featurette from FOX's upcoming Marvel series The Gifted explores the characters of the show and their mutant powers. While Legion touched upon a growing conflict between mutants and the government, much of the show was focused on the main character and his fight with his own mind. This fall, FOX will spend more time examining the bigotry mutants have to endure in the grounded world that The Gifted will present. Though it's unknown how much of the show will connect to the films (if any at all), the core mystery the series will focus on is what happened to the X-Men to make them leave new mutants high and dry.

Taking the place of the heroic team will be a mutant underground, on the run from the government's Sentinel Services agency. Connecting audiences to this world will be the Strucker family, whose two young kids begin exhibiting mutant powers, forcing everyone to go on the run. While we've had hints about the various characters and their roles before, the latest video focusing on the show finally spells things out.

FOX have released a new featurette (via CBR) which breaks down the story of the show. In it, we hear from the cast as well as Bryan Singer (the executive producer and director of the first episode), Matt Nix (the showrunner), and Jeph Loeb and Lauren Shuler Donner (executive producers from Marvel TV and the X-Men franchise, respectively). Not only do they clue us into the plot, but we finally learn what powers each mutant has.

While Polaris (magnetism) and Blink (portal generation) retain their powers from the comics, the latter looks to still be learning to use her abilities. Thus, she won't be pulling off any fantastical feats like the Blink from X-Men: Days of Future Past. Thunderbird keeps his super-strength and durability, but also gains an ability to see future events that somehow ties into his tattoo.

Then there's Eclipse, a new mutant who can control photons. Though previous trailers have shown him creating blinding flashes, it looks as if he can even make lasers with his powers. In a way, he's a rework of Sunspot from the comics, though with his abilities toned down a bit.

Most interestingly, we finally learn what powers the Strucker children have. While previous looks at the show have made it seem as if they both possess telekinesis, it turns out Andy can rip things apart while Lauren can create shields. It also appears that Andy is just learning to use his powers, like Blink, whereas Lauren has been using hers in secret for some time. And the featurette even clears up what Reed Strucker's job is, showing that he prosecutes mutants as opposed to hunting them down. In all likelihood, there are even more surprises to come when The Gifted premieres.

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The Gifted premieres Monday, Oct. 2 on FOX.

Source: FOX (via CBR)

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