The Gifted Character Promos Spotlight Blink, Polaris & More

Thanks to a new set of promos, we have our best look yet at the mutant characters of The Gifted. On the big screen, Fox has spent almost two decades turning its various Marvel properties into films. Thanks the many X-Men movies, a vast number of mutants from the comics have made their way to live-action. But the studio can only put out so many films a year. And while new properties like New Mutants and X-Force are on the horizon, television will likely prove the place where more characters from the page make it onto the screen.

This year's Legion not only brought a character to life that was likely never going to be in a movie, but it gave Fox a huge hit. The show has been lauded for its creativity and its success, alongside Logan and Deadpool, has given Fox a great track record. This October, they'll see if lightning can strike twice when they bring The Gifted to their flagship network. Focusing on a family whose two young children begin manifesting powers, the story will deal with mutants on the run and shifting alliances. It will also see a number of characters from the comics brought to life. The first trailer for The Gifted hinted at some of these arrivals, but now we have an even better look.

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IGN has posted a new batch of promos focusing on the main characters from The Gifted. Included are the Strucker family, antagonist Agent Turner, and close-ups of Polaris, Blink, Thunderbird, and Eclipse. The short videos not only lay out each character's motivations, but give us glimpses of the various mutants' powers and confirm their comic names will be used in the series.

Jamie Chung will be playing Blink, a mutant with the power to teleport herself and others. Played in X-Men: Days of Future Past by Fan Bingbing, this could either be a case of the X-Men universe's notoriously wonky continuity issues or simply a recast of an earlier version of the mutant.

Emma Dumont will be Polaris, a master of magnetism. In the comics, she also happens to be the daughter of Magneto. While Legion has hinted at Professor X being David's father, there's no telling if Magneto will be referenced in The Gifted.

Sean Teale is Eclipse, a mutant who can manipulate light and photons. He'll be part of the underground resistance of mutants.

Leading the resistance will be Blair Redford as Thunderbird. Born John Proudstar, the mutant has enhanced strength, speed, and durability.

Stephen Moyer as Reed Strucker will not only be the father of the children learning about their powers, but part of the government agency hunting mutants.

Amy Acker will play Caitlin Strucker, Reed's wife and less of a hardliner than her husband.

Natalie Alyn Lind will play Lauren Strucker, who discovers she has control over air and water and possibly even telekinesis in general.

Percy Hynes' Andy Strucker also begins learning he has some form of telekinesis, which may be focused more on metal.

Finally, we see Coby Bell as Agent Turner, who will be hunting the various mutants of the show.

Though the pilot has already been shot, the rest of the series will continue filming this month in Atlanta. When it does, we should start seeing more photos and footage from the show and learn more about the plot.

FOX will also be bringing The Gifted to Comic-Con later this month. Though it might be too early for another trailer, expect some more photos from the series and possibly even some reveals of more mutants to come. Though it's unknown if the show will ever connect to the movies - or even Legion - we won't have to wait too much longer to find out.

The Gifted premieres October 2 on FOX.

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Source: IGN

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