The Gifted Casts The Original Von Strucker Twins

The Gifted has added the original von Strucker twins to its cast of characters. Andreas and Andrea von Strucker, the children of Hydra leader Baron Wolfgang von Strucker and known together as "Fenris", appeared in many editions of Uncanny X-Men and other Marvel Comics series, fighting the heroes with their own set of genetically engineered abilities. The original characters could fly and cause some serious destruction, Andreas with concussive blasts and Andrea with disintegration.

The problems only continue to mount for the mutants already on the run in the first season of The Gifted, as they prepare for war with Sentinel Services. The arrival of the von Strucker twins will almost certainly present a whole new set of challenges. Andreas and Andrea will help introduce the Strucker family's dark past when they make their debut in a couple of weeks, and it's now known who will be playing them.

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As reported on the X-Men Franchise Instagram on Sunday, Caitlin Mehner and Paul Cooper have been added to the cast of The Gifted as Andrea and Andreas von Strucker. They will debut in episode 8, "threat of eXtinction". X-Men Franchise said of the twins: "No word yet on their role on the show but we can already guess they are gonna be a BIG trouble." Mehner re-posted the news to her own Instagram page with a message for her followers, which you can check out below:

So excited had to #repost this one!!!! Overjoyed to be a lil part of #TheGifted family and thanks for making this cute poster #andreavonstrucker #fenris #struckertwins #xmen #fox #Repost @xmenfranchise with @repostapp ・・・ NEWS: The Gifted episode 8 official description has revealed that original Strucker twins, Andrea von Strucker and Andreas von Strucker, aka Fenris, and children of Nazi supremacist Baron Wolfgang von Strucker in the comics, will debut on the show! And they will be played by Caitlin Mehner and Paul Cooper. No word yet on their role on the show but we can already guess they are gonna be a BIG trouble. Excited? #TheGifted #FenrisTwins #CaitlinMehner #PaulCooper #AndreavonStrucker #AndreasvonStrucker #TheStruckers #Thunderbird #Polaris #Eclipse #Blink #Dreamer #Sage #Trader #Shatter #Pulse #XMen #Fox #Tv #Marvel #Comics @mehns

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The official synopsis for "threat of eXtinction" hints at major developments for the Strucker family, just as Andrea and Andreas enter the picture. In the episode, Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer) "visits his estranged father and learns that secrets from his family's past could prove useful." Reed's father Otto Strucker will be played by Raymond J. Barry. It can be assumed that those family secrets are not the pleasant kind, and could have something to do with Wolfgang von Strucker's history with the Nazi party.

Andreas and Andrea have a violent history of their own with several mutants in the X-Men comics, including Magneto. It's possible that they will harbor a similar hatred for Polaris, who will find out she is Magneto's daughter during the series, but they will clearly have some kind of major impact on the Struckers, particularly mutant siblings Andy and Lauren. Their addition is intriguing for fans of their Uncanny X-Men appearances, and potentially dangerous to everyone involved in the ongoing battle between mutants and the government.

Wolfgang von Strucker's characterization as a white supremacist in the comics, and subsequent teaching of his twin children of his beliefs, suggests that the characters could also be highly controversial. It also means that one or both of the Strucker siblings is headed down a dark path. No matter what their involvement turns out to be in the series, there's little doubt that Andreas and Andrea (Fenris?) will complicate matters.

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The Gifted continues with "got your siX" on Monday @9pm on Fox. The von Struckers' debut episode, "threat of eXtinction", is scheduled to air on Monday, Nov. 20.

Source: Caitlin Mehner (via X-Men Franchise)

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