The Gifted Star Wants to Team Up With Warpath & Shatter

If The Gifted star Blaire Redford gets his way, Thunderbird will eventually join forces with his brother Warpath. While the continuity of the X-Men film universe has often been a sore subject amongst fans, it does allow a certain amount of freedom. While the MCU is continually hamstrung by its claims of universal connection, the X-Men films are each their own thing. Likewise, X-Men TV shows Legion and The Gifted can utilize the same comic book source material as the movies without necessarily having to connect to them.

On The Gifted, this has led to a narrative that's removed the X-Men and Brotherhood, and allowed a new version of Blink to appear. With this in mind, it's not hard to imagine that if the show doesn't connect with the movies, we could see a whole new Magneto show up as Polaris' father. A lot more X-Men Easter eggs are on the way, but could more film characters be reinvented for the small screen too?

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CBR spoke with Redford about portraying John 'Thunderbird' Proudstar on The Gifted, and the actor opened up about the role and the future of the character. Seeing as Thunderbird died immediately after being introduced in the comics, that means The Gifted and Redford are free to approach the character how they see fit. The disconnect from the X-Men films also means Thunderbird's brother Warpath could appear on the show, even after playing a role in X-Men: Days of Future Past. When asked about his hopes for the show, Redford replied:

"I definitely, at some point if it’s doable, would love to see something with his brother Warpath. I think that’s a story everybody would be really excited about and there’s a lot of places to go with it. I’m not sure what we could do there or what we have plans to do with that character, but that one would be pretty exciting to me."

While Blink was recast for The Gifted, there's really no reason Booboo Stewart couldn't reprise his role as Warpath for the show. The question remains whether the mutant character will appear in X-Force, a group he's regularly featured in, but there's no reason to think the series couldn't do their own version of the character. Even if Thunderbird's brother doesn't appear, there's a mutant already on the show Redford would love to see more of:

"You know, there’s a character from the characters that we’ve been lucky enough to get on the show, and at this point, he’s just a small character. I think we saw him in episode three. He’s not a huge part of the storyline of in this first season yet, but maybe he’ll find something bigger as we move along. I’ve talked to him a lot and I think just there’s some really cool stuff we could do because he has the power to touch things and crystalize them. So he’d be a great team up if they were up against people or even terrain where Shatter could just move around touching people and crystalizing them and Thunderbird comes along behind and just smashes everything to pieces, and they just leave a wake of little crystal shards behind them after they’re done with the battle. I don’t know! It just inspires me visually. I’d like to see that."

Shatter is very faithful to the comics in his design, but he's so far only been a background player on The Gifted. The character has incredibly hard and durable skin, making him a good teammate for the similarly-invulnerable Thunderbird. He can also turn liquid to crystal in the comics, though Redford suggests that he may be able to apply this technique to any substance on the show. Either way, the thought of the two fighting together that Redford pitches is certainly an alluring one. Hopefully, some of the actors dreams will come true.

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Source: CBR

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