Mutants Are Being Hunted In The Gifted New TV Spot

Mutants are in a spot of trouble in the latest TV spot for The Gifted. The show comes from the mind of Bryan Singer and is the second recent project to bring the world of X-Men to the small screen after Legion earlier this year. Unlike Legion however, The Gifted promises to be more closely linked to the wider world of the X-Men movie universe, if not completely beholden to it.

This new series centers on the family of Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer) - a district attorney seemingly responsible for bringing dangerous mutants to heel - and his wife Caitlin (Amy Acker). Awkwardly for Reed, his two children Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Andy (Percy Hynes White) are revealed as mutants themselves and the family is soon on the run in a world that seems increasingly anti-mutant.

In a new television spot for the series, the hunt for mutants is firmly driven home. The clip showcases Andy's newfound abilities raging out of control in a school bathroom and also features a few recognizable mutants from the X-Men canon including Polaris (Emma Dumont) and Blink (Jamie Chung). The trailer confirms that at this point in the X-Men timeline, the simple act of being a mutant is prohibited as far as this government is concerned.

The spot doesn't contain a great deal of footage that hasn't already been aired as part of the show's full trailer but there are a few new tidbits on display. For instance, the spot gives a closer look at Polaris' plastic bag-like cage, which shows Magneto's daughter looking distinctly like someone's packed lunch. Fans also get another look at the Sentinel spiders that were mercilessly ripped apart by Andy in the full trailer.

Judging from the material released so far, The Gifted has plenty of promise. The ties to the X-Men movie universe ensure the show is accessible for casual fans and the trailer showcases plenty of mutant-powered action and tense family drama. Earlier this year, Legion was largely well received and that show's success proves there is an audience out there hungry for material from the wider X-Men canon.

On the other hand, there is perhaps a danger that The Gifted will be part of an overload of X-Men projects. In addition to the current run of movies that will be continuing with Dark Phoenix, there is also a New Mutants movie scheduled for 2018 and an X-Force project also in production. The Deadpool franchise is also tied into X-Men lore, if only in a meta sense. Add to that Legion and The Gifted and X-Men fans are certainly going to be busy over the coming years.

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The Gifted is expected to premiere this Fall on Fox.

Source: Fox

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