The Gifted Clip Shows Mutants Testing Their Powers

Natalie Alyn Lind’s Lauren and Percy Hynes’ Andy test their mutant powers on an unsuspecting vending machine in the latest teaser clip from The Gifted, the upcoming X-Men TV series from FOX and Marvel. Lauren and Andy are siblings, with Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker set to play their parents. The show will show the Strucker family going on the run, as they attempt to escape the clutches of an anti-mutant government force.

As the series’ October debut nears, Fox has been upping its promotional output for The Gifted. Fans have already seen a featurette that explores the mutant powers on display in the show, as well as a clip that introduces the sinister agency at the heart of the drama - Sentinel Services. There has also been a full-length trailer, and a stack of cool character posters released thus far.

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Plenty of soundbites have been doing the rounds as well, with director/executive producer Bryan Singer teasing that The Gifted isn’t about superheroes saving the world”, and the cast revealing that the show is “about bigotry.” This new clip from IGN (see above) certainly shows that isn’t very nice to be a mutant in this world: having superpowers might be fun, but it looks like a lot of hatred surrounds them.

Perhaps more than any previous promo for The Gifted, this clip gives us a real idea of the show’s tone. It starts in a light-hearted fashion, with Lauren and Andy smiling and laughing as they attempt to nab free snacks from the vending machine by using their telekinetic powers. That’s the kind of kids-have-fun-with-powers shtick that Stranger Things has popularized. However, things take a dark turn when Andy begins having flashbacks: he was bullied at school for being a mutant, and clearly he’s still reeling from the experience. This show will take its subject matter seriously, and that could well enable some highly engaging storytelling.

However, although the tone seems fresh and interesting, the content here is far from original. Fans of comic book/sci-fi/fantasy TV have seen super-powered youngsters training to use their abilities - focusing their energies and struggling to find their way - countless times. To stand out from the crowd, showrunner Matt Nix will have to ensure that his characters are memorable and his scripts razor-sharp. If The Gifted fails on either of those fronts, it could end up in the landfill of superhero properties that failed to take off. Hopefully, it'll fare better than Marvel TV's own fall season offering, Inhumans.

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The Gifted premieres October 2 on FOX. Along with Lind, Hynes, Acker and Moyer, the show stars Sean Teale, Jamie Chung, Coby Bell, Emma Dumont, Blair Redford, Garret Dillahunt and Jermaine Rivers. It will not crossover with Legion or the X-Men movies.

Source: IGN

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