FOX’s The Gifted Won’t Crossover With X-Men Movies Or FX’s Legion

The upcoming mutant series The Gifted exists in a separate timeline from the X-Men movies, says producer. It has been almost two decades since 20th Century Fox launched their X-Men franchise with Bryan Singer's original film in 2000. Since then, there have been 10 movies - some good, some bad - and despite the fact that the franchise has suffered issues with its timeline, the studio doesn't plan on slowing down their mutant-focused productions anytime soon. In fact, they're expanding, with three mutant-related movies releasing next year: New Mutants, Deadpool 2, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

In addition to bringing audiences more X-Men-themed movies, the studio is also expanding their presence on television. After seeing great success with FX's Legion earlier this year, FOX is moving full-steam ahead with their more mainline X-Men series, The Gifted, which follows an ordinary family as they go on the run from the government when the parents discover that their children posses mutant abilities.

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It has been reported that the upcoming series exists within the continuity of the X-Men film series. Although that's technically true, people shouldn't expect this series to connect to the movies anytime soon - or maybe ever - since the show has now been confirmed to exist within its own timeline. During The Gifted's panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 this afternoon, executive producer Matt Nix revealed (via CBR) that the series exists in a different time stream in relation to the movies.

“One of the great favors that Days of Future Past did for all of us is establish that there are many streams. One answer is that we exist in one of those streams. This is its own universe, we don’t exist in the same timeline as any specific movie or comics. But there are shared characters. We’re doing our own thing, and, as I say, there are many streams.”

This news comes mere hours after franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner revealed that their other mutant series, Legion, also exists within its own continuity, so to speak - specifically that the show cannot and will not ever crossover with the movies (or Gifted), despite calls for Patrick Stewart to appear on the show as Charles Xavier (something that Stewart himself has said he's open to doing). To take things even further, Nix also mentioned that the X-Men no longer exist in their series, that they've disappeared, and that's something that comes into play throughout the story.

“One of the things that come out in the show is, the X-Men are gone. Why are the X-Men gone? That will come out in the show. It’s not just that they’re too expensive for television, though that may be related. There’s a unity of business and creativity that comes together, and you go, ‘The X-Men are gone! Where did they go?’ ‘They went to the other movies!'”

Since The Gifted features characters that already exist in the movies, it would be difficult to explain why there are suddenly different versions of the same character, especially if some of them are members of the X-Men. Therefore, using Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past (which effectively reset the X-Men timeline) as a tool for establishing this series within its own timeline will allow each X-Men property - including the movies - the creative freedom to pave their own path. Then again, there are those who would like some semblance of established continuity within the ever-evolving mutant franchise.

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The Gifted premieres October 2 on FOX.

Source: Matt Nix (via CBR)

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