The Gifted: Thunderbird Stops a Bombing in New Promo

Blair Redford's John Proudstar (aka Thunderbird) saves some civilians in an explosive preview clip for The Gifted's sixth episode, which is going by the title "got your SiX". Redford was cast in this mutant role back in March, with the character being upgraded from an underwhelming Native American hero from the comics into the leader of a gritty underground community protecting mutants from a hostile government.

Said hostile government is represented in the show by Sentinel Services, who are effectively at war with mutant-kind. So far, the series has stopped short of featuring full-scale Sentinel robots, but, hopefully, those iconic mutant-killers from the comics will eventually be introduced. The Gifted, if you were wondering, appears to be set in an alternate timeline to the X-Men movies, where Charles Xavier’s school and Magneto’s evil Brotherhood are both “gone”.

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This clip, from the sixth episode of The Gifted season 1, shows John/Thunderbird out in the open, attempting to raise some funds for the victims of the 7/15 incident. Of course, things go bad, and he has to use his powers (which include superhuman strength and enhanced senses, as well as superior stamina and speed). It’s a fun little clip, which is sure to raise some intrigue for the episode ahead.

There’s some particularly nice world-building going on here, with viewers being shown even more about the public’s perception of mutants. Given that the 7/15 tragedy was caused by a mutant energy blast, nobody wants to donate. This makes John – both a special forces veteran and a mutant – very angry, to the point that he crushes his clipboard in the palm of his hand. He’s clearly aggravated by the fact that people are painting all mutants, even those who’ve served and protected the USA, with the same brush.

Despite being frustrated by the prejudices of mankind, John saves everyone in the vicinity when his fundraising event is targeted by a bombing. John uses his enhanced senses to hear the threat coming, before utilizing his impressive strength to throw the bomb into a safe area and to stop the resultant debris from hitting citizens.

However, even though this is a very public display of a mutant saving some regular humans, it probably won’t be enough to turn the tide of popular opinion. After all, there wouldn’t be much of a show left if everyone in The Gifted’s universe suddenly decided to love and support their mutant cousins. That’s more of an endgame status quo than a ‘middle of episode six’ plot point. But it should still be interesting to see the fallout of this incident play out.

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The Gifted airs Mondays on Fox.

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