The Team Has Only One Shot In New Gifted Trailer

Andy (Percy Hynes White) and Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) have no choice but to unleash their full power on the next episode of The Gifted.

Percy Hynes White Amy Acker and Natalie Alyn Lind in The Gifted

The mutants are in deep trouble in a promo for the next episode of The Gifted. The Strucker children may have to use their unique powers to escape Sentinel Services, despite the consequences.

In Monday night's episode, Thunderbird (Blair Redford) and Reed (Stephen Moyer) investigated Reed's father, Otto Strucker (Raymond J. Barry), who worked as Trask Industries. Reed discovered that his father was actually a mutant, and that his grandfather was one half of the powerful twin mutant terrorists called Fenris. While working at Trask, Otto developed a serum that could eliminate the X-Gene. Otto gave the serum to Reed, making him so sick that he almost died. As it turns out, Reed's children have the same powers as Fenris, and their deadly power can manifest if they hold hands. After explaining the truth to Reed, Otto sacrificed himself to save Reed and Thunderbird from Sentinel Services.

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A promo for the next episode of The Gifted, titled "outfoX", shows Sentinel Services and the mutant underground preparing for an upcoming battle. We hear Thunderbird say, "We only get one shot at this; we can't miss." The trailer shows several main characters, including Dreamer (Elena Satine), Blink (Jamie Chung), Andy (Percy Hynes White), and Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) trapped in a facility with Sentinel Services in hot pursuit. Everything seems hopeless until Andy and Lauren, seeing no other choice, decide to hold hands, which causes the pair to glow, just like their great-grandfather and his sister.

Percy Hynes White Amy Acker and Natalie Alyn Lind in The Gifted

FOX has released a synopsis for the episode:

The team develops a risky plan to help mutants who are in Sentinel Services' custody. Reed reveals details to Andy and Lauren about the Struckers' family history that could prove to be a game-changer in the all-new "outfoX" episode of THE GIFTED airing Monday, Dec. 4 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GIF-109) (TV-PG D, L, V)

The synopsis reveals that the facility the mutants are attacking is most likely the place where Dr. Campbell keeps his Hounds. If the mutants were to free the prisoners, it could be a huge victory for the underground. It could be that Andy and Lauren's secret ability will be enough to turn the tide and drive back Sentinel Services. It remains to be seen what the cost will be for the use of their destructive power.

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The Gifted returns in two weeks with "outfoX" on Monday, December 4 on FOX.

Source: FOX

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