New The Gifted Trailer Promises 'More Bloodshed'

A new trailer for The Gifted's "eXploited." episode is promising blood will be spilled on the show. Things are starting to heat up now, as Trask Industries has acquired the prize they sought all season; the Strucker children are their prisoners. What's more, Trask's leaders clearly intend to do anything they can to exploit this powerful new resource. The latest trailer gives a sense of just how far they're willing to go.

The last two episodes have revealed just how powerful the siblings really are. Individually, they're formidable. When they hold hands though, the brother and sister unleash power on a whole different scale. They can literally envision matter on a molecular level, and can take down whole buildings at will. Worse still, our heroes may have only recently learned this, but Trask Industries were clued in on Lauren and Andy's potential from the beginning. When we were first introduced to Doctor Campbell, he was researching the mutant twins who launched terrorist attacks back in the '60s.

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The trailer reveals that Trask wants Lauren and Andy's powers. Their hope, presumably, is that they will come to control the two children. They likely plan to put the siblings through the Hound program, addicting them to the mutant-enhancing drug Kick. Before they risk doing so though, they clearly want to understand how these particular powers work. And they're willing to go to any lengths to find out.

Perhaps most chilling of all, the trailer suggests that Trask's leaders won't hesitate to kill. If other mutants have to die in order to persuade Lauren and Andy to cooperate, then so be it. The brief scene shows us that Blink is safe, and the only other mutant captured along with the brother and sister was Dreamer. Things don't look good for Thunderbird's lover.

So who's going to rescue the kids? They're trapped in a secure facility, and the Underground have already failed to break in once. In perhaps the most exciting plot twist to date, it looks as though the Strucker family will head to an unlikely ally for help. They're seeking out Sentinel Services' own Jace Turner, a man who has no reason to love mutants. We'll have to tune in to The Gifted next week to see whether or not this desperate gamble pays off.

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The Gifted continues next week with “eXploited” on Monday, December 11 on FOX.

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