What To Expect From The Gifted Season 3

The Gifted Season 3

Will The Gifted season 3 happen, and if so what will it be about? The future is uncertain for Fox's X-Men series, but fans are hoping the season 2 finale tease for what happens next to the Mutant Underground continues in The Gifted season 3.

The Gifted is centered around the Strucker family; in season 1, father Reed (Stephen Moyer), daughter Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind), and son Andy (Percy Hynes White) learned that they're mutants descended from the evil Von Strucker twins. The family is forced to go on the run from the mutant-hunting U.S. government agency Sentinel Services and is taken in by the Mutant Underground. The Gifted season 2 divided the heroic mutants with Andy and Polaris (Emma Dumont), Magneto's daughter, joining the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club to help its leader Reeva Payge (Grace Byers) create a mutant homeland.

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Following season 2's explosive finale, The Gifted's story is poised to continue. Here's what we know so far about what could happen next and where and how fans could see The Gifted season 3:

The Gifted Season 3 Hasn't Been Confirmed Yet

The Gifted season 3 has not been officially confirmed by Fox. It's also not assured that the X-Men spinoff series will be renewed for a third season. The Gifted's ratings have fallen significantly in season 2; season 1's premiere hit a high of 4 million viewers and the overall season averaged about 3 million, which was enough to get it renewed by Fox. Season 2 was averaging just under 2 million per episode. With such a downward turn in viewership, Fox may see fit to pull the plug on the mutants.

The Gifted Season 3's Future May Be Streaming

During the Television Critics Association, showrunner Matt Nix said that if the X-Men show was renewed, he believed that The Gifted season 3 wouldn't air on Fox or broadcast television but instead could be seen through a streaming service. Nix noted that the series' fanbase is loyal but small, which he feels makes it more suited for streaming (both seasons of The Gifted can currently be streamed on Hulu).

The purchase of Fox by Disney could also complicate The Gifted's time as a broadcast network show, but Nix also sees an opportunity for The Gifted to be brought back "in a creative way", possibly on Disney Plus. There are no further details on The Gifted season 3 but, with fewer restrictions on content on a streaming service like Hulu, the series could go even further in its grim but realistic depiction of a world where mutants fight back from being brutally oppressed by society.

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When Could The Gifted Season 3 Release?

If The Gifted season 3 is greenlit by Fox, it would likely continue its pattern as a series that premieres in the fall, rather than mid-season. Both seasons of The Gifted helped anchor Fox's fall season and wrapped up by mid-winter. However, if The Gifted moves to streaming, that would change when it could air since streaming services don't adhere to network programming seasons.

The Gifted season 2 wrapped filming in late 2018, so season 3 would have to reassemble its large cast of actors. If The Gifted moves to a streaming service, scheduling the actors may get more complicated if they become unavailable and take new jobs during hiatus.

What Would The Gifted Season 3's Story Be About?

Grace Byers in The Gifted Season 2

The Gifted season 3 was teased at the end the season 2 finale "oMens" where Blink's portal showed a glimpse of an apocalyptic world on the other side and she invited her fellow mutants to come with her. Nix said that there are ideas for season 3 and it would be "informed by Days of Future Past" but not be any type of straight adaptation. This is a logical direction for the series to go in: season 1 introduced the conflict between the heroic Mutant Underground and Sentinel Services, while season 2 widened the scope by focusing on the efforts of the Inner Circle's plan to create a mutant homeland. Following the Inner Circle's defeat, the heroes planned to build a new Mutant Underground but Blink's portal opens up either a dark future or an even darker alternate reality.

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At this point, fans should probably abandon hope that any big name X-Men will appear on the series, but The Gifted has created its share of compelling characters. Hopefully, their story can continue in The Gifted season 3.

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