The Gifted Season 2 Could Explore The X-Men's Disappearance

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The Gifted is set to lift the lid on its enigmatic "7/15 Incident" in season two according to showrunner Matt Nix, in a move that should also provide some indication of what happened to the X-Men in the series' mythology. Taking place loosely within the X-Men universe, The Gifted is set during a time period where mutants are segregated, hunted and imprisoned and both the X-Men and the Brotherhood are nowhere to be found. Instead, the safety of mutantkind has been left in the hands of The Mutant Underground - an organization founded by the X-Men prior to their disappearance. Their mission is to protect innocent mutants from being hunted by Sentinel Services, weaponized by Trask Industries or recruited by the reforming Hellfire Club.

Quite how society ended up being so anti-mutant has yet to be fully explored in The Gifted but what viewers do know is that the entire state of affairs can be traced back to July 15, 2013, otherwise known as the 7/15 incident. It was confirmed in season one that on this fateful date, a mutant rights demonstration turned ugly and a huge number of deaths occurred as a result. The episode "boXed in" included a brief flashback to the incident, but only to reveal that Agent Turner had lost his daughter in the violence that day.

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While the specifics of 7/15 remain secret for now, it appears as if that could all change in The Gifted's forthcoming second season. Speaking with TVLine, showrunner Matt Nix claims:

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“I would definitely like to explore 7/15 in more detail. What exactly happened there is certainly one of the central questions of the series. It’s a bigger deal than [just one episode], linked as it is to the disappearance of the X-Men and the Brotherhood, the creation of the Mutant Underground and the attempted rebuilding of the Hellfire Club… It’s kind of at the center of everything we’re doing.”

By Nix's own admission, 7/15 is indeed at the very heart of The Gifted and while keeping the details of the incident a mystery in season one created intrigue and gave the show room to introduce its setting and characters, there's only so long things can continue without a proper explanation. Furthermore, one of the key issues raised in The Gifted is that neither the mutants nor the humans are inherently good or evil, with both sides capable of moral ambiguity. Because of this, it will be important for The Gifted to address who exactly struck the first blow during the 7/15 event.

There is, however, a distinct possibility that neither side was at fault for the attack and that both mutants and humans are being played by a third party lurking in the shadows. Whether that proves to be corrupt politicians and businessmen, the Hellfire Club or remaining members of the Brotherhood is anyone's guess, but Nix has stated on several occasions that the 7/15 incident is directly linked to the X-Men's disappearance. By lifting the lid on what happened at that seismic event, The Gifted will no doubt also give some indication as to the fates of Cyclops, Professor X, Beast and the rest of the gang. After all, dropping the odd reference and Easter Egg to them is fine for a debut season but sooner or later, The Gifted will need to address the elephant in the room.

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The Gifted season 2 is currently without a release date. More news as it arrives.

Source: TV Line

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