The Gifted Season 2 Trailer Debuts at Comic-Con 2018

The season 2 trailer for The Gifted released at Comic-Con 2018 - and it revealed a Polaris who's dangerously out of control. The pregnancy seems to be affecting her powers more than ever before, triggering electromagnetic pulses every time the baby kicks.

The Gifted proved a tremendous success for the partnership between FOX and Marvel TV. The first season introduced mutants to a dystopian world in which humans and mutants were effectively at war. The X-Men had vanished, leaving behind only a Mutant Underground to help mutants get out of the United States. But, in the shadows, the threat of the Hellfire Club was returning. By the time the season had come to an end, the Underground was divided, and Polaris - daughter of Magneto and inheritor of his powers - had switched sides.

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The first trailer for The Gifted season 2 released at SDCC 2018, and it introduces another new concept lifted straight from the comics. It seems that Blink has found a third party, the Morlocks, a group of sewer-dwelling mutants who try to keep their heads down. But with the war between man and mutant escalating, it may not be possible for even the Morlocks to stay hidden for long.

Jamie Chung as Blink Clarice in The Gifted

The Morlocks are another deep cut into the X-Men lore. The idea of this subterranean tribe of mutants was first conceived by Chris Claremont in 1983; they were named after the subterranean race who lived beneath the city in H.G. Wells's novel The Time Machine. Most of the Morlocks were physically disfigured in some way by their mutations, and thus unable to live among ordinary humans. The most human-like were sent to the surface to use their powers to steal food. Some of their number were among the most vulnerable, their mutations rendering them weak and infirm. Ultimately, the Morlocks were slaughtered by Mr. Sinister's forces in an event known as the "Mutant Massacre." The introduction of the Morlocks is a fascinating twist for The Gifted, as they could easily wind up caught in the crossfire in the three-way war between the Underground, the Hellfire Club, and humanity.

Meanwhile, the first season of The Gifted had revealed that Polaris's powers were becoming dangerously unstable due to her pregnancy. It seems this has become even more pronounced; every time the baby kicks, Polaris's powers flare out of control. In one scene, a strong kick causes an electromagnetic pulse that knocks out all power across a city. It looks as though Polaris winds up heading to Washington, D.C. - in which case, it's hard not to perceive her as a one-woman WMD.

The mutant race is more divided than ever in The Gifted season 2, with friends and family turning against one another. It remains to be seen whether or not the Underground can possibly contain the threat of the Hellfire Club.

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