When The Gifted Season 2 Returns In 2019 (& What To Expect)

The Gifted Season 2 Returns in 2019

WARNING: Spoilers for The Gifted season 2 midseason finale.

When The Gifted season 2 returns in 2019, fans can expect an all-out war between mutants and the humans who hate and fear them. The second season of FOX's X-Men series has drastically escalated the stakes where the heroic Mutant Underground has been unable to stop the plans of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. Led by Reeva Payge (Grace Byers), the Inner Circle has masterminded a long-range scheme to forge a mutant homeland in the United States - and thus far, nothing has stopped them.

In The Gifted fall finale, "gaMe changer", the Inner Circle, which also includes Polaris (Emma Dumont), the Frost Sisters (Skyler Samuels), and Andy Strucker (Percy Hynes White) took the next crucial step in their plan. They ignited a Mutant Uprising by deactivating the restraint collars Sentinel Services used to depower every mutant they've incarcerated, which led to mass prison breaks all over the United States. While thousands of dangerous mutants are now loose, the Mutant Underground suffered a devastating loss when the human hate group called the Purifiers, now led by Jace Turner (Coby Bell), captured Thunderbird (Blair Redford), the Mutant Underground's leader.

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Meanwhile, the Strucker family has been dealing with how to help Reed (Stephen Moyer), who has been unable to control the dangerous mutant abilities he has manifested. The Struckers turned to Dr. Madeline Garber (Kate Burton) for help, but they quickly discovered Garber hates mutants and plans to use the X-Genes of Reed and Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) to manufacture a cure that would depower the entire mutant race. The Strucker family seemingly destroyed Garber's cure, but the threat of the humans being able to wipe out all mutants now looms.

Now that "gaMe changer" has turned the entire world of The Gifted season 2upside down, here's when can fans expect to see their favorite mutants return in 2019.

When The Gifted Season 2 Returns In 2019

Fans won't have to wait too long for the back half of season 2 as The Gifted returns to FOX on New Year's Day, Tuesday, January 1, 2019. The series also has a new 9pm timeslot, which is good news for a few reasons. The shift no longer forces superhero fans who want to watch live to choose between The Gifted and The Flash on The CW. What's more, the later time slot gives The Gifted more leeway to tackle the darker themes of the series without intruding on the lighter-toned, "family-friendly" 8pm hour. This is beneficial considering the war brewing between humans and mutants is bound to depict a lot more death and destruction.

What To Expect From The Gifted Season 2 Part 2

The Mutant Uprising has begun and the preview for the second half of The Gifted season 2 teases more shocking events still to come. Despite the Inner Circle's successes, Polaris has bristled under the leadership of Reeva and her willingness to take lives. Lorna Dane wants a mutant homeland to ensure her baby daughter Dawn's safety, but it seems Polaris is willing to turn on the Inner Circle to help the Mutant Underground and her lover Eclipse (Sean Teale).

Meanwhile, after learning that both she and Andy possess two X-Genes, which is the key to how they combine their powers as Fenris, Lauren's powers look like they're evolving and turning her to the dark side like her great-grandparents Andrea and Andreas Von Strucker. And as the Purifiers torture their captive, Thunderbird, for info on the Mutant Underground, the entire human race has to brace for the next stage of the Inner Circle's plan: toppling the entire United States government. Clearly, exciting times are ahead for fans of The Gifted.

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The Gifted season 2 returns on Tuesday, January 1 @ 9 PM ET on FOX.

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