The Biggest Questions About The Gifted Season 2 (So Far)

The Gifted, FOX's X-Men show, is only 4 episodes into season 2 but it has already created some major questions and mysteries to resolve. The FOX series about mutants trying to survive in a world without the X-Men shifted the action from Atlanta to Washington, D.C.. While the core of the series remains the Struckers' family drama, its scope has widened into an open conflict between the heroic Mutant Underground and the sinister Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club.

Season 2 jumped ahead six months after the schism that divided the Mutant Underground at the end of season 1. A pregnant Lorna Dane/Polaris (Emma Dumont) and Andy Strucker (Percy Hynes White) left their families and friends behind to pick up the pieces as they joined up with the Inner Circle's new leader, Reeva Payge (Grace Byers), who is described as one of the most powerful mutants since the catastrophe known as 7/15 led to the X-Men's disappearance. Reeva's master plan is to save all mutants by creating a mutant nation - a homeland for her people. Like Polaris' father Magneto, she looks to accomplish her goal by any means necessary.

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After the events of episode 4 'outMatched', The Gifted has gone into brief hiatus as Fox airs the World Series, so it's an excellent time to take stock of where things stand in the mutants' volatile world. Here are the major questions the series needs to answer when it returns for the rest of season 2:

Who Is The Mystery Mutant The Inner Circle Broke Out?

'outMatched' left behind a huge cliffhanger: Who is the mystery mutant the Inner Circle broke out of Lynwood Hospital? Throughout the episode, Mutant Underground members John Proudstar/Thunderbird (Blair Redford), Clarice Fong/Blink (Jamie Chung), Marcos Diaz/Eclipse (Sean Teale), and Lauren Strucker (Natalie Alyn Lind) chased Polaris and Andy Strucker in a psychiatric hospital where mutants were being secretly imprisoned. It seemed like the Inner Circle was there to liberate their fellow mutants, but it was all a cover for their true goal of saving one particular mutant prisoner.

Unfortunately, 'outMatched' offered no info on who this mystery mutant is or what his or her powers are; the prisoner in question was merely shown covered in a blanket in the final shot of the episode. Whoever this is, the mutant is clearly a vital-enough component to the Inner Circle's plans that they went to the trouble of staging a prison break. However, the cast list for episode 5 includes Angelica Bette Fellini in a guest-starring role as Twist, who is described as "a mutant who initially comes across as a sweet and wounded bird but reveals herself to be a sociopath who lives for chaos." If Twist is indeed the mutant the Inner Circle broke out of confinement, she sounds like a terrible escalation to the danger the Hellfire Club already poses to the Mutant Underground.

How Are Andy And Lauren Connected By Dreams?

Andy and Lauren Strucker are not just mutant siblings, but they are further connected by their family's mutant bloodline. The Strucker kids in the comics are descendants of Andreas (Paul Cooper) and Andrea Von Strucker (Caitlin Mehner), twins known collectively as Fenris who could combine their mutant powers to cause destructive blast waves. Lauren and Andy have shown that they can also combine her ability to push molecules together to create shields and his powerful kinetic emissions to create similar blast waves that can even melt Adamantium. Though they are not twins (Lauren is two years older than Andy), the Strucker siblings are clearly more powerful together than apart.

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Season 2 added a new wrinkle: somehow Lauren and Andy are able to see and speak to each other through their dreams. After six months apart, Lauren didn't know Andy bleached his hair until she saw him in their mutual dream. So, the Strucker kids seem to share a strong psychic connection - but how? Is this an offshoot of their mutant abilities that the Von Strucker twins weren't known to have? Or are they being psychically manipulated unbeknownst to them, possibly by the Frost Triplets (Skyler Samuels)?

Why Are The Von Struckers So Important To The Inner Circle?

The Von Struckers are founders of the Hellfire Club, so Andy Strucker was a major acquisition for the Inner Circle. His bloodline is among the oldest of the mutants, and his powers are obviously very important to Reeva - so much that she puts Andy through rigorous training so he can master them. But is there another reason beyond his pedigree why Andy is so vital to the Inner Circle's plans? When he was disturbed by seeing Lauren in his dreams and rebelled by contacting his family, the Inner Circle quickly moved to pacify him. Clearly, Andy remaining in the Inner Circle is a priority.

But if that's the case, why isn't the Inner Circle also trying to recruit Lauren? Together, the Struckers are incredibly powerful, and Lauren is also more mature than her brother so she could help keep him in line. Yet in "outMatched", when the Struckers dueled with their powers and Andy knocked Lauren out, the Inner Circle just left her behind. Why didn't they take her with them so that the Inner Circle would have the awesome power of both Strucker kids benefiting them? In addition, their father Reed (Stephen Moyer) is manifesting mutant powers - he could also be a prize recruit for the Hellfire Club.

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