The Gifted Season 2 Fall Finale Explained: The Mutant Uprising Has Begun

The Purifiers Beat The Mutant Underground

Jace Turner has been hunting the Underground since season 1 and he finally caught his biggest prize: Thunderbird himself. The Mutant Underground found themselves outclassed by the Inner Circle and haven't been as concerned with the human threat. Not only has Thunderbird's leadership been questionable, he was unable to see the most immediate threat to them wasn't the Hellfire Club, but the Purifiers led by Jace, the ex-Sentinel Services agent obsessed with stopping the mutants.

In "gaMe changer," the Mutant Underground's numbers have been reduced to Thunderbird, Blink, and Eclipse. The latter two were forced by Thunderbird to follow along as he kidnapped a security adviser for Regimen in a desperate bid to understand what the Inner Circle's plans are. As Blink balked at what was happening and left, Thunderbird was so careless that the Inner Circle was able to learn about the kidnapping and sent Fade (Jeff Daniel Phillips) to kill the security adviser. The resulting battle between Fade, Eclipse, and Thunderbird then tipped off the Purifiers to their location. The Purifiers were able to pounce on the mutants and wound Fade, forcing Thunderbird to sacrifice himself to let Eclipse and Fade escape. As the Purifiers pinned Thunderbird with their car, Jace triumphantly boasted, "Gotcha!"

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Turner never believed the ruse that the Mutant Underground all died in Atlanta in the season 1 finale, so this was a long-awaited win and sweet vindication for Jace. While Jace has his doubts about the hate group he now belongs to, he thinks he can lead the Purifiers in a better direction and at the very least, they share a common belief that the Mutant Uprising is a terrorist threat. This win also cements Turner's hero status with the Purifiers. Now, Jace has the leader of the Mutant Underground as a prisoner, which doesn't bode well for Thunderbird.

The Strucker Family Could Lead To A Mutant "Cure"

The Strucker family may inadvertently be the key to the end of the mutant race. The Struckers spent much of season 2 dealing with the revelation that Reed's mutant power to create volcanic lava has begun to manifest. As a child, Reed's scientist father Otto Strucker (Raymond J. Barry) suppressed Reed's mutant abilities, but now that they're reemerging, the Struckers sought the help of Otto's partner, Dr. Madeline Garber (Kate Burton). At first kindly and sympathetic, Garber charmed Lauren and Reed to submit to blood and DNA tests under the auspices of Garber finding a way to allow Reed to permanently suppress his powers. But Lauren soon learned the darker truth about Garber: not only is her brother the founder of the Purifiers, but Garber also plans to use the Struckers' DNA to manufacture a cure that could wipe out all mutants.

After a failed attempt to destroy their DNA samples, Garber confronted the Struckers and revealed her true beliefs that mutants are a mistake, even going so far as to say Lauren "should never have been born". Hearing Garber's true feelings, Noah (Ken Kirby), Garber's assistant who is also a mutant, used his powers and seemingly destroyed their DNA samples. However, it's not clear how much of the Struckers' DNA was destroyed and Garber may not have been killed in the melee. So even though the Struckers escaped, they may have delivered the means for the humans to create a way to stop the Mutant Uprising and eradicate the mutant race once and for all. Thus, The Gifted has introduced their own version of the famous mutant cure plot from X-Men: The Last Stand.

With the further revelation that Lauren and Andy both possess two X-Genes, potentially making them the most powerful mutants alive, and all-out war imminent as the Inner Circle plots to topple the United States Government, the most exciting moments of The Gifted season 2 are still to come when the series returns in 2019.

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The Gifted season 2 returns Tuesday, January 1st @9pm ET on FOX.

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