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WARNING: Spoilers for The Gifted season 2 finale.

The Gifted season 2 finale "oMens" wrapped up all of the major storylines as well as resolved some lingering issues from the very beginning of the series. In the end, Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer) sacrificed his life to stop Reeva Payge (Grace Byers), ending her dream to create a mutant homeland by destroying the United States government. The Gifted then offered a tantalizing tease of what's to come in a potential season 3.

The Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club drove the action in The Gifted season 2, with Reeva's clandestine manipulations causing all of the strife that befell the Mutant Underground. It was revealed that after the 7/15 incident, Reeva selected right-wing radio host Benedict Ryan (Peter Gallagher) to fan the flames of mutant hatred and to create the anti-mutant Purifiers; her goal was to force a Mutant Uprising to make it impossible for humans and mutants to co-exist so that her plan for a mutant nation would be the only viable option for mutants. In addition, Reeva intended to destroy the U.S. government itself by using the awesome powers of Andy Strucker (Percy Hynes White) and Lorna "Polaris" Dane (Emma Dumont) to blow up buildings and monuments, including Sentinel Services headquarters. All throughout The Gifted season 2, the Mutant Underground and the Morlocks living in the sewers beneath Washington, D.C. were gradually decimated by the Purifiers led in the field by Jace Turner (Coby Bell), who answered to Benedict Ryan.

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However, Polaris, who disliked and distrusted Reeva, grew uncomfortable with the Inner Circle's master plan involving mass murder and she turned into a double-agent. Once she uncovered Reeva's plot, Polaris was able to convince Andy to leave the Inner Circle with her and return to his family in the Mutant Underground to help them stop Reeva. But it was Reed who made the ultimate sacrifice to save his family and stop the Inner Circle once and for all. Here's what The Gifted season 2's ending looks like.

Reed Sacrificing Himself to Stop Reeva Was The Right End To His Story

Reed learned he was a mutant in The Gifted season 1 and spent all of season 2 unable to control his power to melt anything with molten lava; at one point, he even tried a serum to suppress his powers. "oMens" utilized flashbacks to the day of the 7/15 incident, which was a pivotal moment for Reed; the "mutant terror attack" in Dallas that led to the X-Men's disappearance was the reason why he decided to become a lawyer fighting against mutant rights. Soon after, Lauren's mutant powers activated, which Reed now realized she hid from him then for fear that he would turn her into Sentinel Services. In truth, when Lauren and Andy were revealed as mutants in The Gifted series premiere, Reed and his wife Caitlin (Amy Acker) sacrificed everything to become fugitives with their children as part of the Mutant Underground.

When Reed took it upon himself to confront Reeva alone at the Inner Circle's skyscraper headquarters, she taunted him as "the disappointment" of the Von Struckers. Reeva wanted to symbolically build her mutant nation with the legacies of two legendary mutant families, the Von Struckers via Andy and Magneto via his daughter Polaris. Meanwhile, Reed was the Von Strucker who never knew he was a mutant and was perpetually confused about what to do with the powers he couldn't control. Reed's response to Reeva's insult was to give her what she wanted - the power of the Von Struckers - by overloading himself and destroying Reeva and the Inner Circle's headquarters, which ended her acts of terror.

In the end, Reed was ill-suited to remain as part of the Mutant Underground and he knew it. He demonstrated no ability to control his powers and his fear of his abilities perpetually clouded his judgment, leading him to constantly make poor decisions. Reed was forced to confront his feelings about mutants when he learned his family's legacy and his noblest actions were always about keeping his family safe. His tragic sacrifice saved his wife and kids as well as prevented another point of no return between humans and mutants. Reed also questioned why the Von Strucker family had such destructive powers but he decided to use his powers to die a hero and protect his family, which ultimately made him the best of the Von Struckers.

Thunderbird Finally Beat Jace Turner And The Purifiers

Jace Turner's personal war with the Mutant Underground ended with him focusing his animosity on John "Thunderbird" Proudstar (Blair Redford). In The Gifted midseason finale, Jace captured and tortured Thunderbird but the Mutant Underground successfully rescued their leader. However, their rivalry escalated when Jace led the Purifiers in a siege against the Morlocks' camp in the sewers; by that point, Thunderbird's girlfriend Clarice "Blink" Fong (Jaime Chung) had joined the Morlocks and Jace shot her in the back as she tried to portal her fellow mutants to safety. Thunderbird watched Blink "die", which made him hate Jace even more.

When the Purifiers surrounded Westlake Apartments, where the Mutant Underground lived, Thunderbird acted as a decoy so that the Struckers, Polaris, and Marcos "Eclipse" Diaz (Sean Teale) could escape. The Morlocks' leader Erg (Michael Luwoye), who was no fan of Thunderbird, helped his fellow mutant kill the remaining Purifiers as Proudstar pummeled Jace and declared "I am Thunderbird!" - which was a flip of when Turner caught the mutant in the midseason finale and proudly boasted "Gotcha!"

However, Thunderbird showed Turner mercy when he saw Jace really wanted to die and "be with [my] daughter". Ultimately, Jace hated himself for what he had become, someone who indiscriminately killed mutant kids, and he wanted absolution. But Thunderbird didn't kill Jace, who was hospitalized and now has to reconcile how his choices ruined his marriage and didn't bring justice to his late daughter Grace. As for Thunderbird, he dealt with his failure as leader while the Mutant Underground fell apart all throughout The Gifted season 2, so beating Jace was a personal moment of redemption for John Proudstar.

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