The Gifted Season 1 Cut Children in Cages Storyline Because It Was Too Dark


The first season of The Gifted originally had a storyline in which kids were kept in cages. The show, which has been packed with Marvel Comics characters, hasn't exactly shied away from controversy and includes many other violent scenes that have been debated on by fans.

The Gifted centers on a family that has children with mutant abilities, who are forced to run from the government. The show, which aims to prove that mutants shouldn't be feared because they can live harmoniously with humans, got off to a strong start in 2017 with general audiences and comic book fans alike, but it didn't hold up as well as expected with regards to ratings. Still, it was successful enough to be renewed for a second season, which will feature Empire alum Grace Byers in a pivotal role.

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FOX unveiled the first trailer for The Gifted season 2 during the show's panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, where executive producer Matt Nix also revealed that there was going to be a season 1 storyline about kids being kept in cages, but it was nixed (via Sydney Bucksbaum). "It was maybe a little much," Nix told the audience after others on the panel, including actress Skyler Samuels, talked about the political parallels the show draws.

The Gifted touches on what viewers see as themes of discrimination, civil rights, privilege, tolerance, and other present-day issues. The mutants represent "dangerous" illegals with the Sentinel Services standing in for ICE agents. Some of the mutants are even played by real-life minority actors and actresses, further pushing the issue. By all accounts, season 2, which deals with a mutant uprising, will continue poking at hot-button topics.

However, not all political shows succeed, especially if they push things too far in one direction and alienate many viewers. Perhaps this is why Amy Acker, who plays Kate Strucker, has said before that the show isn't intended to attack anyone's beliefs, and that they base its stories on a number of different points of views. Though they may have considered a sequence with children in cages being too far outside their ballpark, the show's producers did greenlight a sequence with two of the main characters being held and forced to use their powers against their will.

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The Gifted season 2 premieres September 25 on FOX.

Source: Sydney Bucksbaum/Twitter

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