The Gifted: Polaris Actress Wants A Crossover With Jessica Jones

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If The Gifted star Emma Dumont gets her wish, a Polaris and Jessica Jones team-up could be in our future. Aside from the recent blemish of Inhumans and the less than stellar reception to Iron Fist, the TV side of the MCU has been doing well for years. Like the films, they've managed to honor and update the source material and present some amazing Marvel shows. But the smaller X-Men corner of the TV universe is just getting started.

After Legion debuted on FX earlier this year to rave reviews, Fox attempted to match its success last week with the launch of The Gifted on their flagship network. The project paid off, as the show has received strong reviews and saw solid ratings for it premiere. As the series continues, it will dive even deeper into X-Men lore and maybe even connect to one of the timelines of the films. But could it over crossover with the MCU?

During New York Comic Con this past weekend, The Gifted star Emma Dumont was asked who from the Marvel universe she'd like to see her character team up with. And though her answer is unlikely to ever happen, it's still an exciting dream.

"Jessica Jones. I know they’re not related and they’re totally different universes but they’re so similar I would love to see them together. It would be such a weird dynamic and we kind of look alike."

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Dumont isn't wrong about the shared traits of Polaris and Jessica. Aside from the similar appearance of the two actors, both characters are tough and no-nonsense. While we haven't spent as much time with Polaris, it's clear she'll be the loose canon of the group. And though it will be hard to beat the snarky charm of Jessica Jones, Dumont certainly seems capable of imbuing Polaris with a similar attitude.

Of course, the MCU and Fox's X-Men universe seem unlikely to ever intersect. Still, there's always comics. Polaris and Jessica have never really shared a moment together in the comics, but perhaps their respective writers could get together and make something happen on the page. It would certainly be fun to watch them trade blows and barbs before teaming up to take down a bigger threat. There's also the chance that a Jessica Jones nods could appear in The Gifted. The first episode of the show was packed with Easter eggs, so perhaps fans should keep there eyes peeled for an Alias Investigations business card lying around in a coming episode.

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The Gifted continues tonight on FOX.

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