The Gifted: Polaris and Eclipse's Powers Explained

The Gifted - Eclipse and Polaris

Episode 3 of Fox's X-Men spinoff series The Gifted sees the tension increasing between Agent Jace Turner and Reed Strucker as the latter struggles to get back to his family - any way he can. It also shows Marcos' increasingly desperate attempt to rescue Lorna from prison. Episode 2 showed what a difficult time she was having and the abuse she was suffering, and things don't seem to be getting any better for the mutant. However, the episode did begin with a touching flashback featuring the couple in happier times.

The opening scene of "eXodus" revealed more about the characters' pasts, as well as providing a closer look at some of the many cool things they can do with their powers. Marcos/Eclipse is reluctant to embrace his powers because they caused him to be kicked out of his home and lose his family. On the other hand, Lorna/Polaris takes joy in showing off her abilities and makes conscious decisions on how to use them. She wears steel toed boots and metal bracelets to enhance and further control her powers - in particular, allowing her to fly. In a sweet moment between the two to show what he can do, Marcos picks up a handful of broken glass and shines light through it to project a pattern. Polaris then touches his hand, creating a mini aurora borealis.

They have this ability to combine their powers due to the very specific ways their powers react off one another. Polaris (like her father in the comics, Magneto) has the power to manipulate magnetism, which she does through a green colored field of magnetic energy that comes from her hands. This also includes the ability to control and sense metal inside objects. She can also create a magnetic field to form electrical currents.

The Gifted - Eclipse powers

Eclipse is an original character created just for The Gifted, with the power to absorb and create photons of light, heat, and energy. This means he can emit powerful rays of light as well as energy beams from his hands. As seen in the previous episode, "rX," his blood glows with the same light, meaning that any kind of injury will make him stand out in a crowd. In "eXodus," he uses his powers to make an angry vigilante drop a shotgun by overheating it, giving Eclipse and the other mutants a chance to escape.

When Polaris' magnetism powers come together with Eclipse's light powers they can create a mini aurora borealis the same way they occur naturally on Earth (when charged particles from the sun interact with gases at the magnetic poles of the Earth creating the beautiful shimmering lights that can be seen in the sky). It's a little science that goes a long way in showing the compatibility of what has already become a fan-favorite couple.

As The Gifted goes on we are sure to learn more about the extent of these characters' powers and how they have affected them in different ways. It is already apparent how dangerous it is to be a mutant in this world, and why some would be hesitant to embrace the abilities they have been given. However, it is nice to see that powers can be used to bring two people together who very much need each other.

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The Gifted airs Mondays at 9 PM on FOX.

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