The Gifted: Is Lorna's Baby A Changeling?

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The Gifted is an X-Men TV series like no other. The show's central theme is that of family, and by tapping into the soap-opera style of the '90s X-Men comics, the series is a fascinating blend of superhero action and interpersonal drama. One of the most fascinating relationships is the romance between Lorna Dane, a.k.a. Polaris, and her lover Marco. Early on, in an unexpected plot twist, we learned that Lorna is expecting a child.

In an intriguing interview with TVLine, Emma Dumont reflected that the pregnancy is set to become a major plot point.

"She’s only a few months pregnant, and with most mutants, their powers manifest when they’re older, maybe 7 or 13, some in their 20s. But Lorna’s baby is much different, and it affects her in a huge way."

The Gifted has been remarkably comic book accurate, making a series of deep cuts into the X-Men comics. In this case, it looks as though Lorna's baby - the child of two mutants - is a mutant like no other. Specifically, Lorna's baby seems to be a Changeling.

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What Is A Changeling?

Multiple Man Jamie Madrox

The concept of Changeling was created by Peter David during his much-loved X-Factor run. In X-Factor #11, the time-traveler named Tryp pointed out that most mutant powers manifest at puberty. Except in a handful of cases, most notably Jamie Madrox, a.k.a. the Multiple Man. His power - to create duplicates of himself upon impact - manifested shortly after birth. Tryp described these mutants as 'Changelings,' the basis for countless legends.

"Legends. Stories. The arena of "Once upon a time." Very well: once upon a time, parents of children who were like Jamie... different... freakish at birth... they'd leave them overnight on piles of manure on Christmas Eve, hoping they'd be switched back. The infants died. The end.

"Homo superior" did not spring into existence overnight. Before them, there were beings like Jamie. Like myself. "Changelings." "Replacement people." "Killcrops..." That's my favorite. We were blamed for poor harvests. Heh. And ninety-nine times out of a hundred, we were murdered in infancy."

Tryp viewed Changelings as precursors to the mutants of X-Men fame, but he explained that they still "crop up" every now and again. They're rare and powerful. And it seems, in a remarkably deep cut, that Lorna's baby is a Changeling. In this baby's case, its powers are set to manifest even before it's born.

It makes sense, though. We've already had hints that Lorna's powers allow her to interact with the fetus in a way unlike any other mother. Talking to Marco, she described being able to sense the baby's presence in her womb. There's clearly a bond between Lorna and the baby, one that's rooted in her electromagnetic powers. Significantly, Dumont teased that Lorna's pregnancy will actually have an impact on her powers. In Episode 10, we'll see Lorna have what Dumont calls a "second manifestation" of her mutant abilities - one that's directly tied to her baby's growth in her womb.

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