The Gifted Has No Professor X - And That's A Good Thing

Polaris Becoming Like Magneto Changes The Gifted

Polaris is a major player in The Gifted who has been largely sidelined in season 2. She gave birth at the beginning of the season and her main focus was being a mother to her baby Dawn, but in episode 8, "the dreaM", Lorna Dane decided to act. After watching Rebecca Hoover/Twist (Anjelica Bette Fellini) murder 30 human hostages during the Creed Financial heist, which ignited widespread anti-mutant violence, Polaris decided to hide Dawn with her Aunt Dane in Missouri. As a result, Polaris has become more like her father Magneto.

As one of the most powerful mutants in The Gifted, Polaris is a force to be reckoned with. Though she joined the Inner Circle, she did so because she felt they had the resources to keep her baby safe. However, though she also believes in a mutant homeland, she has bristled under Reeva's manipulative leadership, which sets up a power struggle for the Inner Circle between its current leader and Magneto's daughter. Though she is gifted with her father's magnetic abilities, Polaris doesn't share Magneto's hatred of humanity. If Polaris takes over the Inner Circle, she could be a better, more compassionate mutant leader than Magneto was - but the question is whether Polaris can be the mastermind Reeva is to actually achieve the mutant homeland.

The Mutants Can Win In The Gifted

Season 2's tagline is "Dawn of a Mutant Age" and the Inner Circle is inciting mutants to stand up for their rights with the hashtag #MutantUprising. Clearly, The Gifted's macro story is building towards the mutants somehow achieving their homeland - which, if the vision the Frosts implanted in Polaris' mind is accurate, would mean carving out Washington, D.C. and the surrounding area as the mutants' nation within the United States. While this is an audacious plan, the mutants are the heroes of The Gifted, regardless of which faction they fight for, and the humans are by and large the villains. Therefore, the 'good guys' winning would mean the mutants get what they deserve: their own homeland.

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Not only is this a new and exciting kind of story for an X-Men movie/TV show (the comics have long featured Genosha, a mutant-owned island and refuge, which will be seen in Dark Phoenix), it's a story that can only be told without Professor X and the X-Men. While the lengths the series goes to avoid saying the name "Magneto" is annoying, instead of not being able to use the most famous X-Men characters be a detriment, The Gifted has seized the opportunity to tell an epic about mutants that benefits from Professor X's absence.

Ultimately, Charles Xavier's idyllic dream wouldn't work in The Gifted's harsh and violent world. In turn, Professor X would never allow the Hellfire Club to implement a master plan that would destabilize the United States and the X-Men would likely stop the Inner Circle - thereby maintaining the status quo and denying mutants a homeland. So while the mutants are suffering now, if they win in The Gifted, they could achieve something they would otherwise never have if Professor X had his say.

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