The Gifted: Which Mutants Are In It?

Blink Remembers Her First Teleportation in Uncanny X-Men 317

The Gifted will soon be hitting our screens as we dive into the world of the X-Men once again. Don’t expect to see any of those iconic yellow and blue costumes flying around, though; the X-Men have disappeared. Young mutants have to fend for themselves or band together as they’re hunted down. The Gifted focuses on the Strucker family as their two children discover their mutant abilities, and are forced to join an underground mutant group on the run. But which famous mutants will make an appearance on the show? None of the core X-Men, that’s for sure, but there are some familiar faces on their way.


Jamie Chung is bringing new life to the character we were introduced to in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Clarice Fong A.K.A. Blink has the ability to teleport herself and those around her. In the show she uses that power to get out of any problem she runs in to – usually when she’s being pursued by the Sentinel Services. Her character arc will see her get a better grip on controlling her powers, not just using them as a last resort. Jamie Chung has a grounded interpretation to the character, with a lively personality and dyed purple hair, along with the character’s iconic green eyes.


We all know who Magneto is, we’ve even been introduced to different versions of his children across the X-Men universe and the MCU. But The Gifted introduces a whole other sibling for Wanda and Pietro Maximoff. Emma Dumont plays Polaris, and she is a key part of the underground mutant movement. She is able to manipulate magnetism, clearly a power she’s gained from her father. But since both the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants have disappeared, we doubt we’ll be seeing a family reunion any time soon.


Also known as John Proudstar, Thunderbird has super strength, heightened senses, and tremendous stamina. We’ve previously seen his brother Warpath in Days of Future Past, alongside that movie's version of Blink. Proudstar was also in the Marine Corps, something shown in the series by the words ‘Semper Fi’ tattooed on his arm. Like most members of the X-Men, he’s died a couple of times in the comics. Let’s hope they don’t get rid of him too quickly.


Marcos Diaz is a brand new character created purely for The Gifted. In the comics, Eclipse was an alternate version of Sunspot, the fire wielding mutant from Days of Future Past. His powers let him manipulate photons, whether that means using them as a light source or a superheated energy beam. Eclipse is played by British actor Sean Teale.


Geoff Johns might be running the Rebirth parade over at DC right now, but a character he created for the Morlocks makes his first live action appearance in The Gifted. Played by Jermaine Rivers, Shatter has a crystal-like appearance, and has the ability to turn others into crystal, too. Since the Morlocks have helped the X-Men significantly against the Sentinels, it makes us wonder whether that group will become part of the story.

It's also worth mentioning that even though the series revolves around the Strucker family, the two children aren't notable comic book characters at all. And although they hold the same name as Baron Von Strucker from the MCU, his children don't have the same powers as Lauren and Natalie in the show. Maybe we'll see them develop their own code names as the series continues.

The Gifted premieres on Fox October 2nd at 9 pm.

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