The Gifted: Every Marvel Comics Character In Season 1

Despite only running 13 episodes, season 1 of The Gifted was packed with Marvel Comics characters and Easter eggs. Once designed as a Hellfire Club TV showThe Gifted soon evolved to follow the struggle of a family thrust into the Mutant Underground when they learn their children carry the X-gene. While the producers teased the show would tie into the comics (but likely not the films), no one knew how much the series would use the source material as inspiration.

Though the X-Men and Brotherhood never show up, they're invoked many times and seem to have set the series in motion just before audiences join in. From there, heroes and villains from across the comics are slowly brought on board as we learn that even the central family has deep ties to the page. So while characters like Agent Turner and Eclipse were invented for the show, The Gifted's ensemble is almost all comprised of characters from Marvel Comics.

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Blink was the first indication that the movies would be in a separate world from The Gifted—given Jamie Chung replaced Fan Bingbing from X-Men: Apocalypse as Clarice Fong (Ferguson in the comics). Removing her purple skin but alluding to her comic appearance with her signature facial marking, eyes, and ears, Blink is a powerful teleporter on the page.

Created for 1994's Uncanny X-Men #317, Blink rose to prominence during the Age of Apocalypse storyline and soon became a hit amongst comic readers. The show sees her still gaining control of her abilities, meaning she currently lacks the energry daggers she can throw to create portals. We also learn that Blink once ran with the Brotherhood and has some evil in her bloodline. This is likely a nod to her Apocalypse, who is an ancestor of Blink's in the comics.


John Proudstar aka Thunderbird didn't last long in the comics, dying shortly after his debut in 1975's Giant-Size X-Men #1. Meanwhile, his brother Warpath has continued to be prominent in the comics (and even fought alongside Blink in X-Men: Apocalypse). Like in the show, the comics take on Thunderbird has super-strength, -speed, -durability, and -senses. We don't see John run any faster than normal, but he's one of the strongest characters on the show and is shown to be virtually indestructible. His senses, meanwhile, manifest as an almost psychic form of tracking on The Gifted—though the show thankfully abandons the connection to his Thunderbird tattoo early on.


Polaris debuted in 1968's X-Men #49 as a supervillain with control over electromagnetism. Sure enough, it was soon revealed that Lorna Dane was actually the daughter of Magneto. The two spent years fighting together in the Brotherhood, though Lorna has also worked with more heroic groups like X-Factor. She also has an on-and-off relationship with Havok, with new character Eclipse taking his spot on The Gifted.

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For the show, Lorna's origin is switched around a bit, as she begins working with the X-Men (after what's hinted to be a terrorist past) before joining up with a new iteration of the Brotherhood/Hellfire Club in the season 1 finale. There are also multiple hints that a powerful mutant who ran the Brotherhood and could control magnetism was her father, though there's no telling if Magento will ever show up on The Gifted.


Andrea von Strucker and Andreas von Strucker debuted in 1985's Uncanny X-Men #84 as the mutant children of Hydra leader Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. While they possessed powers on their own, holding hands allowed them even stronger abilities which they used under the name Fenris. The Gifted doesn't touch on Baron von Strucker or his Nazi past, but Andrea and Andreas are still terrorists in the series. They also have a family, with the Strucker family the show is centered around being their descendants.

From here, the comic book history is changed quite a bit. But the idea that a new generation of the powerful mutant siblings exists is certainly an interesting twist. Like the original Fenris, Andy and Lauren can combined their powers to unleash a force almost unheard of in the world of The Gifted. And though it's not clear how evil or simply revolutionary the von Struckers were, Andy at least seems convinced enough to potentially follow his comic book namesake to the side of war against humanity.

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