FOX's The Gifted Promo Promises Critic-Approved Marvel TV Series

The Gifted is only four short days away and FOX has shared a new promo that promises a critically acclaimed Marvel show and shares some new footage of the mutants themselves. The show features an ordinary family who discovers that their children have mutant abilities. In a world where the X-Men and the Brotherhood have vanished, the family is forced to go on the run with a group of mutants.

The featured mutant underground railroad of Eclipse, Blink, Thunderbird, and Polaris (and who could forget the Struckers themselves?) make their debut in the first episode, 'eXposed'. This new promo has some new footage showcasing just what Emma Dumont's Polaris is capable of as well as some of the relationships within the mutant underground.

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FOX debuted the new promo for The Gifted on Twitter, check it out below. Among the critical acclaim praising the show's dark and timely message of adversity in the face of terror, there's some new footage that truly showcases just what the different mutants are capable of. We see Polaris struggle in a scene very reminiscent of her father, a few new clips of the Strucker children experimenting with their abilities, and our first look at Jermaine Rivers's Shatter with one heck of a facial scar. There are some new powers and some new mutant looks as well, really showing that the show has a lot in store for fans.

Mutants unite. In association with @Marvel, #TheGifted premieres MONDAY at 9/8c on FOX.

— The Gifted (@TheGiftedonFOX) September 30, 2017

One of the coolest things we see in the show, however, is a more in-depth look at the characters that the critics have clearly fallen in love with. Emma Dumont's Polaris is at times gentle and at other times utterly terrifying. She's clearly got something going on with Eclipse, and it's also cool to see that Blink and Thunderbird, played by Jamie Chung and Blair Redford respectively, might also be finding comfort with each other. This new footage makes it clear that it's not just about the Strucker family.

Creator Matt Nix seems poised to deliver a show that is not only timely but also filled with heart and fantastic characters. Fans are starting to get hyped, and The Gifted has even released a special emoji when you tweet with #thegifted or #mutantsunite. The critics are loving it, here's hoping that the fans will love it too.

The Gifted stars Jamie Chung as Blink, Emma Dumont as Polaris, Blair Redford as Thunderbird, Sean J Teale as Eclipse and Coby Bell as Agent Jace Turner. Natalie Alyn Lynd as Lauren Strucker, Percy Hinds White as Andy Strucker, Amy Acker as Caitlin Strucker and Stephen Moyer as Reed Strucker.

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The Gifted premieres Monday, October 2nd on FOX.

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