The Gifted Casts Twin Peaks' Elena Satine As Dreamer

The new FOX TV series, The Gifted, set in the world of the X-Men, has just added another mutant to the show. Actress Elena Satine (Twin Peaks) will play Dreamer, a mutant with the ability to remove or implant memories in people. This will be Satine's second Marvel role.

The Gifted takes place in a world where mutants exist - and are tracked by the government. When a man learns his two children are mutants, and displaying powers of their own, he and his family go on the run, seeking aid from a group who help mutants in trouble.

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The casting announcement was made by showrunner Matt Nix at the Television Critics Association, attended by Screen Rant. Dreamer is set to appear in the second episode, which will be her live-action debut. Nix spoke about how the character's mutant abilities will be presented on the show:

One of the things about her character is that’s a really sexy power that isn’t a gigantic power. We aren’t blowing up a building with her … it doesn’t involve a six-week CG build.

Nix also teased a romantic connection to Thunderbird (Blair Redford), a mutant with superhuman strength and a member of the show's main cast. Nix says that the series will explore a love triangle with Thunderbird and Dreamer, but did not mention who else the love triangle would involve.

The comic book version of the character is actually called Beautiful Dreamer. Beautiful Dreamer was a member of the Morlocks, a mutant community that lived in the sewers beneath New York. The character was introduced in Power Pack #12 in 1985. She was able to focus her ability of affecting people's memories with the use of cigarettes and her "dream smoke." Usually at someone else's command, she would use her powers to manipulate the minds of others by replacing their memories with fake ones. However, the character was not evil, as she actually made efforts to help the heroes on certain occasions.  With only a limited number of appearances in various X-Men titles, Beautiful Dreamer was eventually killed off in 2009 when she was infected by the Legacy Virus.

The actress who will play Dreamer in The Gifted is no stranger to the world of superheroes. The actress played Aquaman's wife, Mera, in a season 10 episode of Smallville. Satine later appeared in season 1 of the ABC series Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Lorelei, an alluring Asgardian sorceress who had the power to control men. The actress later became a regular during the fourth season of another ABC show, Revenge. Satine has since guest-starred in episodes of Timeless, Twin Peaks, and 24: Legacy.

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The Gifted will premiere on FOX, on Monday, October 2.

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