New G.I. Joe Trailer = Transformers Minus Giant Robots


The latest trailer for G.I. Joe has hit and it reveals a bit more of the tone of the film. It seems to take the Transformers approach to an action movie based on a children's toy - and again, it's just not working for me. What exactly am I referring to? The combination of dead serious line delivery by one actor followed by dumb-assed goofy humor in the very next scene.

Check out the latest trailer to see what I mean.


[media id=168 width=570 height=340]

So here you have Dennis Quaid playing it dead straight as some fictional high ranking officer in charge of the most elite combat team on the planet - followed by a "ha ha" goofy pratfall in a multi-million dollar accelerator suit.

"If this team did would be comprised of the best operatives in the world, and when all else fails - they don't"

"Delta 6 accelerator suits. Careful, they're worth millions of dollars."

"Got it! [falls out of the van] Oh, my bad! Won't happen again."

HA! Hee hee!... oh, wait, wait... I'm dyin' over here.


Yes, it's based on a toy line - i just hope that at least if they're really targeting it at kids, they at least keep the humor kid friendly and don't do some bizarre mix of under 10 jokes with teen jokes opposite the "serious" action.

I say either you bring down the entire "danger level" in a movie like this so the humor fits, or you make the humor more sophisticated so it fits within the context of the more serious aspects of the movie. But hey, that's just me.

G.I. Joe opens on August 7th.

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