G.I. Joe To Be An Origin Film?

It looks like G.I. Joe will be an origin movie, to help explain why Destro's got the metal head look, among other things. According to Access Hollywood, director Stephen Sommers promises that newbies to G.I. Joe will enjoy the film thanks to the origin story, while die hard fans will get to learn more about their beloved favorite characters.

Don't expect this to be a hardcore, realistic war film. The filmmakers are making a movie that'll be fun and probably over-the-top, featuring all our favorite Joes and Cobras.

Recent photos surfaced showing actors Channing Tatum as Duke and Sienna Miller as a pre-Baroness Baroness. Us fans were a little worried about Miller's appearance, since she had blonde hair in the photo. So are we getting a blonde Baroness?

No! According to Miller, she wears a black wig, along with the Baroness' usual leather outfit and guns. Nice! (Hint to the filmmakers: official photos!)

After the images of Snake-Eyes showed up, I couldn't help but get more pumped for the film. I'd love to see a film that's nothing but fun, that'll make me happy that I spent too much time in front of the TV watching G.I. Joe as a kid.

One more thing, the producers may even slip in the famous line that would show up in the then-mandatory, post-show PSAs (public service announcements): "Now you know, and knowing's half the battle." G.I. JOE! (A real American Hero, fighting Cobra and Destro!) Whoops, sorry I couldn't resist. The movie opens next year from Paramount Pictures.

Source: Access Hollywood (hat tip: Ain't It Cool News)

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