Finally! Check Out The G.I. Joe Teaser Trailer

We've been waiting for months to see the first glimpse of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra footage, and Paramount has released the Super Bowl teaser trailer ahead of the big game.  We kept getting official and unofficial images, but no footage.

As you may recall, there's been speculation for months that the first teaser would be coming, even as early as the fall.  But when reports surfaced that a teaser that was tested for audiences did horribly, fans started to get nervous.

Then we got word that a teaser would premiere during the Super Bowl.  And as I mentioned above, we can see it officially now!  Check out the teaser after the jump.

To be honest, I'm getting pumped again for the film.  Sure, Stephen Sommers can make some pretty big, loud movies (Deep Rising, the first two Mummy movies, and the awful Van Helsing), but that may work for G.I. Joe, which opens August 7.

It's great to see most everyone in action, especially Snake Eyes, though it's a little weird that you can see his mouth through the mask.  The CGI visual FX look rough, but I'm sure they'll be cleaned up by the August release.  And it's not a bad thing to have armored characters after Iron Man's big success last summer.  But the first thing I thought of was the armored soldiers from the Starship Troopers novel.


Destro and The Baroness looked great, and I can't wait to see a shot of the mask.  I would've loved to have seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt, great in Brick, as Cobra Commander.  And of course, I loved seeing all the good guys, led by Dennis Quaid's General Hawk and Channing Tatum's Duke.  Their suits didn't even bug me.

So what do you all think of the teaser?  Check out higher resolution versions at Superhero Hype!

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