G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes Spinoff Movie In The Works, Sets Writer

Paramount recruits a writer for a solo Snake Eyes movie, the first G.I. Joe spinoff. In the wake of Avengers: Infinity War’s record setting success, the hunger from rival studios to build cinematic universes of their own isn’t going to die down. While Warner Bros. keeps working on their DC universe, Paramount is plotting a connected movie universe based on Hasbro toys. Coming out of their AllSpark Pictures banner, the studio hopes to bring Transfomers, Micronauts, possibly a new Power Rangers, and more together.

A continuation/reboot to G.I. Joe is also planned to be part of their plans. The studio is reportedly fine waiting on Dwayne Johnson’s schedule to squeeze them in. But, with a cinematic universe in the works, that doesn’t mean they’re content keeping the entire G.I. Joe library of characters on the sideline.

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THR reports Beauty and the Beast screenwriter Evan Spiliotopoulos is in talks to write a spinoff movie in this universe for the Joe’s deadly but silent ninja Snake Eyes. However, The Wrap states that Spiliotopoulos is writing the new script for G.I. Joe 3, not a Snake Eyes solo movie. The writers at both outlets, Borys Kit and Umberto Gonzalez, have both doubled down on their reports on Twitter, despite each contradicting the other.

GI Joe - Snake Eyes art

Since it is unclear when G.I. Joe 3 could even happen, potentially moving forward with Snake Eyes could be a great way to restart the franchise. As a character, Snake Eyes could be a difficult protagonist to lead a film as he normally doesn’t speak or take off his all-black suit. But, the mystery element could present a unique spin on an action movie. Even though it could be a solo movie, he wouldn’t have to be alone, allowing for non-leading roles to be bigger than they typically would be. It could even present the villain, possibly his brother Storm Shadow, with a major role.

In both of the previous live-action G.I. Joe movies, Snake Eyes was played by Ray Park. If this is a continuation of what came before, it is possible that Park could reprise his scene-stealing role in a leading capacity. Then again, the ability to hide the actor could allow for Paramount to hire another trained martial artist.

As for the choice of Spiliotopoulos as a writer, it’s the latest big project he’s joined. He previously wrote The Huntsman: Winter’s War, and recently joined Bright 2 as its writer. There’s no timetable for when Snake Eyes could happen either, so it’s unclear which project will take precedence for him.

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Snake Eyes is currently in development but does not have a release date.

Source: THR, The Wrap

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