Toys Spoil Yet Another G.I. Joe Movie Secret

One of the furthest departures the upcoming G.I. Joe movie has taken from the original cartoon series is G.I. Joe's status as an "international peace-keeping force," rather than "the real American hero."

Of course this change was made out of $ensitivity to the international community, but since it was announced that the Joe's would be more like the U.N. on steroids, it's left us all with the obvious question, "So where does international G.I. Joe hang his hat?"

Be warned, there's a spoiler for the film below...

Well you can thank the marketing machine behind G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra for ruining yet another of the film's surprises: pictures of G.I. Joe's new mobile command unit toy set, "The Pit," have appeared online. Have a look.

G.I. Joe's new headquarters

An elongated look at G.I. Joe's new home

Is this a G.I. Joe base? Or the bowels of a Transformer?

The pics aren't the best, but you get the idea. In the G.I. Joe comic book, the Joe's base of operations have been everything from a secret base hidden under a school to a secret bunker in the desert. Obviously director Stephen Sommers wanted to go bigger and better for the film, but I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about seeing a huge mobile tank-ship rolling around the countryside. Seems like a whole lot of Star Wars tech getting shoved into a "real-world" setting. (But really, hasn't everything from the G.I. Joe movie seemed that way so far?)

Man, I have no idea what to expect from this film. The more I see, the more it seems like it's going to be over-the-top ridiculous. But that's just what I think: how do you feel about G.I. Joe's new mobile command center? Is it getting you psyched for the film?

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra hits theaters on August 7, 2009.

Source: MTV News

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